Friday, September 24, 2010

Coming Back.

A chapter finishes, new begins. Life is a series of chapters or episodes; each interconnected with other. Whether good or bad, life moves ahead; without giving you a chance to revisit past. All we get is one sole last chance to be attentive and decide how we grab this current episode.

After that unfortunate incident on 27/7 (27th July) near Byadgi village on NH4 and long recovery process, I am now in a reasonable shape and back to Bangalore and also office.

My left knee (and leg in general) still has some weakness and sore back, I am now able to be walk back to life. It's amazing how fast our body heals itself, and it seems our attitude towards life affects this pace of its healing. A positive attitude quickens the pace or rather more than doubles.

One door closes, another opens. How true!!

Coming Back., originally uploaded by Piyush Sarode.

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