Sunday, August 22, 2010


There are few things in this world which you wish should never happen in your life; yet it happens. And then there are few you wish should keep happening all the time; but they don’t.

After all, life is not so easy and same with everyone.


Accident-1, originally uploaded by Piyush Sarode.

There are few things that leave you wondering, what if I had done like this? What if I had behaved like this? What if I had taken this at all? What if this had not at all happened? Or why me?

Few times you are guilty, but nothing happens to you; yet sometimes somebody else is guilty but you have to pay the price.

But life moves on. You have to face each and every day afresh, without knowing what that day holds for you; what surprises it brings; yet there is always something to learn.

As they say, the circumstances were right, the day was set to end the journey of this life but it was not the destined time. The guardian angel was there watching over your shoulders and life moves on as if nothing happened; you just awoke from a bad dream.


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