Wednesday, December 23, 2009

karthik’s not mature enough

"Karthik's not mature enough. He could have given more strike to Tendulkar to complete a well-deserved hundred. Karthik was too excited to finish off the game himself,"

- former India spinner Bapu Nadkarni

“Karthik did it in his excitement, I presume. It was due to inexperience and was not deliberate.”

- Chandu Borde




What is wrong with the media and some of the players of past generation? They are simply making issue out of nothing.

What is important, winning a match or scoring a century? I believe if you are so close to the century, you could have taken more strike or perhaps a batting power play which could have accelerated the run scoring, to reach 3 digits; but he chose not to. Then why is so hue and cry? Karthik was right in scoring his runs, winning the match is more important than personal milestones.

Tendulkar carried on in unhurried fashion, with deft dabs and clips off the pads, and glances so fine they just evaded the keeper. But with Karthik clouting Randiv over long-on for a six, the century that the crowd was looking for never arrived.



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milind said...

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