Thursday, November 5, 2009

Google Doodle

As we are aware of Google-Doodle, Google recently had been running doodle contest in India for children’s day (14th Nov).

The contest was broken down in 3 categories; students from 1-3 std, 4-6 std, and 7-10 std. Thousands of entries were submitted out of which 45 finalists are shortlisted. Public voting will decide the winning entry for 14th Nov; Although voting has ended now but we can view the finalists on this page (

Have a look at these entries, these are amazing. The kids are really talented, I didn’t knew that at roughly 5 years age somebody could think of so much while designing a doodle. Here are few of these, jump over to Google’s contest page for all entries.



Sheetal Kamat said...

I like first two pics the most... which std are those kids from? They have a special theme running behind them and the actual portrayal is as good as their imagination.. wonderful

Piyush Sarode said...

You won't believe the first two are drawn by kids named 'Mansi Patil' and 'Vansh Garg' respectively and they are in first standard.
Just amazing.


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