Friday, August 8, 2008

Laddakh Diary – Day 15 & 16.

19th July, 2008.
Route: Udhampur – Pathankot – Delhi.
Distance Covered: ~110km by bike, 476km by train.

The easiest day

There are two routes from Udhampur to reach Pathankot, one via Jammu and another via Surinsar mansar wildlife sanctuary and dayala chak. The other route via Dayala Chak is a short cut, it is not as good as NH1, but still in better condition. The journey from udhampur to pathankot was uneventful. We reached Pathankot somewhere around 12pm, searched for the GATI courier and cargo. Just after reaching Pathankot, my bike’s fuel got empty, the last petrol filled was in Leh, it gave an amazing mileage; from Leh to Pathankot in one full tank. By the time all the formalities are complete, it was around 3.00 pm; we booked train tickets to the Delhi, had late Lunch and back to the station. Tonight was to be spent in the train.

We would be in Delhi tomorrow.



20th July, 2008.
Route: Delhi – Bangalore.
Distance Covered: 2061km

The last day.

Reached Delhi, First time we were not driving after so many days. Felt nice. Took a metro to Dwarka Sector 9, took cycle rickshaw to reach my sisters place. Spent the afternoon at her place. The flight to Bangalore was at 4.30pm. Sudhakar, Shantanu and Manoj went to a hotel and later they were roaming in and around cannaught place. They managed to miss the flight :) They got another flight back to Bangalore somewhere around 9pm.

Thus the hectic last 16 days came to an end. One has to visit Leh-Laddakh once in his life. It’s very beautiful. The most surprising thing that happened was we never encountered a situation where we were struck; the people are very friendly. We never had a single bike problem, not even a puncture. Most of the people have told us that falling from the bike, burning of the brakes, punctures are a common occurrence but we did not encounter any of it.

If you ride safe and preferably take your own bikes with disk brakes, you would not end up in problems. We met many people who had rented bikes ended up in problems.

We used all possible modes of transport in this trip, flight, train, metro, auto-rickshaw, cycle rickshaw, bikes, public taxi, private tourist vehicle and of course walking.



Anonymous said...

Aaah...heres some drama! We had actually booked train tickets from Jammu to Delhi...but by the time we reached Patnitop we were already late...the sophisticated guy at the dogra dhaba told us about Udhampur. We went to Udhampur railway station and our train was just leaving to Jammu :-D So, we halted at a Guest house ....the caretaker Raju was a great character!

The rotis we ate that night at Udhampur...were like manufactured at MRF or something...phew!


Piyush Sarode said...

Guys, owner and all his workers were watching Astha channel.
I ate only one roti at udhampur, we were so hungry in the morning that we ate almost 15 Butter toast amongst us.


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