Thursday, July 31, 2008

Laddakh Diary – Day 5.

9th July, 2008.
Route: Keylong – Jispa.
Distance Covered:

The long day of repairs.

Laddakh_20080709_165917 At kokhsar Sudhakar noticed that his bike does not have a single drop of engine oil. It was surprising as he had filled up engine oil in Manali and bike can not consume engine oil in such short journey. We noticed an oil leak but that was under air filter, another Laddakh_20080709_103441surprise.

Morning he went to Yogesh at Keylong, suggested by Ashok the mechanic from Manali. The engine oil leak was puzzling, one by one Yogesh opened up his engine almost completely. Finally the problem was that somebody Laddakh_20080709_101334had literally stapled up engine  oil pipe. The oil leak was from there; instead of entering the engine oil was flowing into his bike's air filter. Also somehow water had entered into his engine and the result was corrosion of nuts and bolts in the engine. Cleaned all the Laddakh_20080709_181240mess and by the time the bike left workshop it was already 3pm.

The original schedule, to reach 'Sarchu' by the night, looked impossible. One option was to stay one more day at Keylong. We chose to ride further, after around 22 km and an hour's driving or so we Laddakh_20080709_181723reached a place called 'Jispa'. The most beautiful place we  had seen so far. We decided to halt for the day.

'Jispa' is a small village, very small village with only one hotel, IBEX, a dormitory and few tents for stay. The view from our hotel room was just amazing.



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