Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Laddakh Diary – Day 4.

8th July, 2008.
Route: Manali – Rohtang La – Kokhsar – Tandi – Keylong.
Distance Covered: 118 Km.Laddakh_20080708_082757

The day that would be the most crucial for the tour. Again had to take cold water bath but it was comfortable. The weather was nice, not cold, not warm, not cloudy, not sunny. The first and foremost thing that was necessary Laddakh_20080708_093818was to search for an Air filling station. The petrol pumps in these region rarely offer filling up air in vehicles.

The ride from Manali was  good, the road was good, the progress was rapid. I thought I don’t know why people curse this roads, if roads are like these, we really don’t require Laddakh_20080708_100353much time. The landscape started getting beautiful and more beautiful as we started ascending on the Rohtang La Pass. The snow capped mountains on one side, lush greenery, and the river Beas on other became the regular sight.

Laddakh_20080708_102057 Somewhere on the middle of the ascent to the Rohtang La Pass, we stopped for the first time for breakfast. The hotel was empty, but as soon as we ordered two more groups stopped; later that became the common sight. Wherever we used to stop for breakfast,  Laddakh_20080708_104218lunch or dinner the place used to get filled pretty soon.

The traffic to the ‘Rohtang La’ is quite high. Towards the top, the road starts getting worse; At few places the melted snow flows through the road to the valley; add to that the dirt fLaddakh_20080708_111156rom double lane’ing work in progress made the road slushy at few points. After  crossing ‘Rohtang La’ around 19 km’s later we found ourselves at Kokhsar checkpoint where everybody needs to get registered before embarking on further journey. The rods starts getting worse Laddakh_20080708_124327after the “Rohtang La” top. Even though it is decent all the  way till Jispa or Darcha the progress was slow.

We stopped at Kokhsar for Lunch. The next stop was Tandi, where we were get petrol for the last time before reaching Leh.Laddakh_20080708_182544

The day’s halt came at Keylong. Rooms at hotel Chandrabhaga were full but we got two tents. Shantanu and Madhavi slept as soon as we kept our baggage's in tents, did not even get up for dinner.



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