Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Laddakh Diary – Day 3.

7th July, 2008.
Route: Kullu – Manali.
Distance Covered: 42 Km.

The day of rest and bike checkups, the most crucial part before starting further on the journey, as there would potentially be no proper mechanic shops until we reach Leh.

On the way to manaliStarted from kullu around 8.00 and reached Manali around 10-  10.30am. Had  breakfast break on the way to Manali. Found Bajaj Bike point, owned by Ashok, on the Manali-Leh highway along river Beas, where we were to get our bikes checked and Snow capped peaks visible from our hotel at manaliserviced, where we were to get mechanic to accompany us during the trip. After giving our bikes to Ashok for checkup, we checked into a Hotel in Manali. The atmosphere was surprisingly quiet hot that day. Had cold water bath. Snow capped mountain peaks were visible through the windows of our room for the first time in our journey.

Ashok's garage. Our bikes parked for inspection.The pulsars are quite rough and tough bikes they were in perfect conditions; there was absolutely no need for any high altitude engine adjustments. Just tightened breaks and adjusted chain tension and wheel balancing. Sudhakar’s thunderbird needed attention and was in garage for most of the day. Hotel room at manaliWhen the mechanic opened his bike, there was absolutely no engine oil in his bike and this had resulted in worn-out clutch plates.

Most of the day we spent at the Hotel. Finally after all bikes were services we ventured out in the Manali Hidimba temple, manalimarket. Had late afternoon snacks in place of lunch. Roamed into the market, went to hiddimba temple (there was ghatotkatch temple as well), went back to  the market. Sudhakar and Shantanu purchased hand gloves for rain protection. Had dinner at a continental hotel and went back to sleep. Tomorrow would be a big day.

Manali MarketColourful shop at Manali market






Manali market at night

Trying woolen caps at manali







Manali Market






Tomorrow we were to cross the last petrol pump at ‘Tandi’ before reaching ‘Leh’, a journey of 365kms without petrol pump, without cell-phone or a landline network. The only mode of civilian communication is the good old postal office.


Hunterwala said...

Good .. it is getting exciting!

Piyush Sarode said...

Thanks.. More reports to come...
Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

:-D It was an oriental hotel and not a continental hotel....the continental hotel was at Kullu B-)

BTW...our hotel at Kullu...Ramneek...and losing half our petrol deserves a mention


Piyush Sarode said...

I actually forgot about that... Good that you reminded.
What was the name of that chinese hotel at manali?


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