Thursday, July 24, 2008

Laddakh - Day 0

4th July, 2008. Distance covered: 0 KM.

After heavy debates we were ready for the tour, which was supposed to last for 16 days. No body knew what surprises each of these 16 days would bring. To be on safer sides, we decided to ship our bikes (A thunderbird, a Pulsar 150, a Pulsar 180, and a Yamaha Gladiator) rather than renting them at Manali or Delhi or Chandigarh [Pulsar 180 of them to carry a pillion].

After collecting/reading all possible information that was available on the Internet and talking to friends who had earlier been to the tour we knew of places where things could go wrong, we knew places where we could find mechanic, we knew where petrol would be available, where roads would be better and where not, what possible problems that will happen to the bike, when should mountain sickness e felt etc. But nobody knew, nothing of such sort will actually happen.

The night is short, not much time to sleep. Flight to Delhi is at early morning 7.30 am, but because of distance to the new international airport we would need to start by 4.30am. The 4 bikes are ready already, the 5 riders still need to embark upon the journey.

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