Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Simple, yet complex.

There is this interesting friend of mine. The following post is based on an imaginative but partly true incident, based on his thinking process in his words.

I must not forget… I am reminding myself so many times so that I must not forget.

I can remember things very well, that's why today I have such a nice job. I really don’t know why my friends keep calling that I have habit of forgetting things. I really don’t know.

Today, I really got angry on him when he reminded me check my PIN before coming here to withdraw money. Was there any need to specify that. Off course I remember my PIN. After all it was I who specifically chose that PIN. And to remind myself I have chosen PIN based on my personal lucky number… or what my birthday… no no, its based on my fiancée b’day. Sure. Yes, time itself I had asked to change PIN. I remember correctly; its my fiancée’s birthday.

Once again, while dropping me at the ATM, why had he commented on whether I remembered the PIN. Off course yes. Anyway's I need not waste my mind on these trivial matters. Let him speak whatever he wants to… I will show him when my time comes.

I remember this process, first I need to insert my card in the ATM machine, then one beep, yes that’s exactly the number of affairs I had in my life, seriously, ok not counting those innumerous not so serious affairs. Then the machine will ask for PIN, I will then have to punch 4 numbers then select savings as my account, then enter the amount I need to withdraw and then that's it.

Beep.  Enter your 4-digit PIN.

I know the PIN, its 2185. my fiancée’s birthday.

Incorrect PIN.

What the hell? Oh yes, I remembered that was my initial PIN. How could I had forgotten that. I was deeply in love that time so I had kept everything she liked. The PIN, the dresses I bought, the colors of the house, the perfumes etc.

5913. One of my lucky numbers, it adds up to the single digit ‘9’. I had chosen PIN which totaled to the digit ‘9’ (5+9+1+3 = 18 => 1+8 => 9). 3456 also totals to ‘9’, but I had rejected that one because it was too simple and anybody could figure that up. There are so many options that totals up to ‘9’, but I remember the PIN I chose had ‘3’ and ‘5’. And this must be correct. Otherwise how could I remember the number that totaled to 9 exactly, if I had not used that before. Even if I multiply each digits of this PIN, then total it, it again totals to 5*9*1*3 = 135 => 1+3+5 => ‘9’; yes that’s what I had choose. Also I had spent quite long time while choosing this PIN as I wanted simple, yet complex yet easy to remember.

Incorrect PIN.

What? That’s not correct!!! My birth date 3578 no that was the second PIN I had chosen, before this third change. ‘3456’, no that's too simple. 3999, no that was bill amount of the saree I bought other day and forgot the saree on the counter itself, 9989 no that was bill for the suit, 1121, no that was number of unread mails in my mailbox. I guess it is 7543, but multiplication and then summation does not add to ‘9’. But yes, that is correct; I guess.

Incorrect PIN, Contact nearest branch for your Card.

Shit, xxxx, that was the ‘fourth’ card that I lost in this damn machine.

What is this reminder? I do not have any bills pending today. Ohh shit, How could I forget, 3456 was the correct PIN, I had set reminder for that. Totals to 9, multiply its digits and again totals to ‘9’. Simple yet complex.

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