Thursday, March 13, 2008


The first time I came across computers was way back in my college days. That time there were so many misconceptions about some of the commonly used definitions in the computer industry and the general public perception. For example Virus, where as for ones who know computers it is a nothing but a different program but for general public it is form of microorganism. Anyway that's not the point; since those were initial days of computers in our college, they used to associate virus with the later so we had to remove our shoes outside in the corridor, wipe legs on doormats and then enter.

Ever since I started working with computers one thing that fascinated me apart from programming, was wallpapers. In those days they were pretty basic, small images and usually tiled across the screen. But as time passed images increased, the display resolution increased, more and more images started appearing on the net.

The introduction and popularity of digital camera changed it all. Photography took a complete different dimension. Somewhere I started liking photographs, places, and trekking in search of them. So here, I start posting some of the photos that I have taken so far during different trips and treks at

Welcome to travelogue.

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