Friday, December 28, 2007

The Round Table.

What the hell? I would never apply for this company again. Did they call me to show how much I know or don't. I had already warned that I don't know much about corporate cultures and practical experience of programming, after all what should they expect from a person with the background like me. That excruciating pain of being constantly scanned like cornered suspected explosive material was really unbearable.

Now I need to wait almost another week in anticipation of results for what transpired that day. What a person like me do? I really sympathize with every engineering graduate going through this.... but what we all could do? We need to find job is good and of course that pays well, and this is part and parcel of that.

Mr. Ramesh, lets see what you have done so far? I see you are Bachelor of Engineering in the computer science, passed from pune university... hmm... first class through out... what projects you have done recently?

Sir, ... I have .....

We know, looking at this sheet, which resembled like bio-data, what have you done in the recent past. Nothing much impressive though. How this system works, Can you explain?

It is, umm, basically......

Ohh is it? I thought it works differently. While the guy conducting discussion said this, the other two raised their eye-brows looked at each other and winked. I wondered what they has just thought of. With every passing question the chance of getting there was going down.

And finally the most dreadful question what is your short-term carrier plan or in simple term what you want to achieve in the next 1 year and what you want to become in another 5 years. I scampered around for answers and mumbled something which I don't want to remember again.

After agonizing wait, the much anticipated and eagerly awaited letter announcing results arrived. I almost tore it in the hurry to know my fate. The last line read "After having discussion with you over your performance in the past year, We are pleased to increase your compensation by another 25%; we hope you continue putting similar stunning performances."

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I remember there used to be this Ad several years back on TV that urged two-wheeler riders to wear a helmet. It showed a hammer coming down on a coconut and coconut being smashed to pieces and then the Ad used to ask a question imagine if your head had been there instead of coconut. I don't know how many realized the importance of wearing a helmet while riding a two-wheeler from that. Some criticized and opposed when Govt. made it compulsorily to wear helmet saying it should be left to people as per their wish, those who worry about their life will definitely wear it.

Yesterday, when we were buying groceries, a bike rider, traveling at great speed, tried to overtake from the wrong side of the lorry and while overtaking touched the lorry and fell down. The speed was such that his helmet flew out of his head, probably he had not secured it and just kept it on head to avoid law enforcers, and his head took the impact of his fall. There was blood all around especially around his head. Agreed he was in hurry, but what if you don't even get a chance to scream. The ambulance took him to the hospital. Don't know what happened further, but certainly he was unconscious.

I feel, wearing helmet while riding a bike is must, whether its a short distance or long, and it should be enforced if people don't realize its worth.


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