Friday, September 28, 2007

The First Class.

Sir, this is a steering wheel. The purpose of this is to steer the car, give direction, make car turn towards left or right; and to hold the car in a steady line. Turn this gently, turn right and you need to turn left by equal amount. So you need to keep dancing this steering wheel, left and right, right and lest, so that car moves in straight line.

I nod. (as if I never knew all this before, only thing I lacked was its control )

This is accelerator, this is brake and the third level I will tell later. Accelerator is used to move car ahead - increase the speed, brake is used to decrease the speed - stop the car.

I nod.

Today I will control everything, you try to keep the steering straight. We will practice holding steering for first three class, then we will move on to acceleration and brake.

I nod.

We then start the car and proceed further. We are in some by-lanes of our area, with no body around; rarely some other vehicle makes its presence felt. As I control the steering, he keeps making gestures and moving his hands furiously, towards left, towards right. A passerby came in front, I move the steering towards right, negotiating perfectly and he shouts "Aiyy-yaya-yo-yooo, don't turn anywhere" with such a volume that the poor passerby himself is stunned. I ask questioningly and the instructor replies gently hold the steering wheel, not that hard grip and turn slowly. Okay we will learn further in the next class.

That's how the first driving class ended.


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