Monday, January 22, 2007

Time is Money.

I had been running late to the office and on top of that that day our cook had also taken leave. I had no other choice but to hop on to the little hotel on the way to office. Since it was late, there was hardly any rush; I collected breakfast from the counter, found empty table.


Err.. Hello. [Who was this guy? Do I remember him? Had I ever seen him before? His Face is little familiar…]

I am gaurang.

Hi Gaurang. [I was cursing for the bad timing. First of all I was late and this guy meets up]

I used to work in your house….

[When? This time I really had to strain my memory. His face now looks even more familiar but still my memory drew blank]

Ohh is it… [Then I suddenly remember two years back when our cook had taken a month’s leave he had sent this guy for work] How are you?

I was very surprised to see him having breakfast in the hotel. Looking puzzled, I asked him don’t you cook these days?

He laughed, said Time is Money sir. Off course I cook. Half an hour's cooking will generate revenue which is far more than what I will spend on eating breakfast in this hotel. Instead of spending time on cooking for myself, its better to eat outside. Turns out economical.

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