Friday, December 29, 2006

Promoting Business (?).

The flight which was supposed to take me to Hyderabad was delayed by an hour due to delay in the incoming flight; at least that was what announced. Since it was quite early in the morning, I didn't bother to go and ask for explanation, in fact i was hoping it gets delayed further. Finally it arrived after another 2 hours, but that is different matter. Around 30 minutes later the airlines office announced further delay of another hour I almost laughed. The announcement ran like this”We regret to announce 2 hours delay to our flight ABC coming from Muscat and traveling to Hyderabad. We request passengers to walk towards the nearest cafe coffee day outlet and have some coffee to pass this time.”

And the thing that made me laugh was passengers queuing up outside the cafe coffee day outlet.


asif said...

excellent post :)

Piyush Sarode said...

Thanks asif


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