Wednesday, October 11, 2006


There's this 'Chaat-wala' I visit many times in a month. Being one among his hundreds of customer I don't even know whether he realizes that I buy from him many times."
"Bhaiyaa, namak jyaada ho gaya hai aaj."
"Mar daalna hai kya, kitni mirch dali hai. Chal ek puri khila, mithe ke saath."
"Dahi thik nahi hai aaj."
"Agale baar se thoda tez banaya karo."
"Roj ke samaan aajki baat nahi. Puri taazi hain na?"
are few of the dialogues that he listens every often. I guess he has become immune to these kind of dialogues. His response is also predictable, flash a smile, be polite and mutter something of the kind "sirji, agale baar se dhyaan rakhenge".
That day when i said, "Aaj ke dahi-puri ekdam badhiya bani hain". He started with the same response just when he was about to say "Agale baar se ....", he realised the meaning. His smile changed. I guess he never expected any such comment, he was at loss of words. He wanted to say something, but couldn't form a sentence completely. He finally gave up and i noticed he was smiling and in pleasant mood for long time.


Gary said...

Welcome back. I hope to see some regular blogging from your end.

ajoy said...

salee muh mein pani aa gaya ... i am missing this panipuri stuff (sheetal ke wajah see i got hooked) ... we had one guy in front of MK Ahmed's in Indiranagar. Awesome stuff. saliva is dripping ;-)

Reeta Skeeter said...

cute :D


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