Sunday, June 18, 2006

What a match.

Whenever I see a match between a team ranked as lowly as 48th and another team as high as 2nd your expectations from the lowly ranked team are usually low. At the most I expect the team (off course a lowly ranked one) to provide some resistance, offer little battle, and make the win difficult.

When either of two such teams does not belong to my country, I have sympathy with the lower ranked team and I end up supporting them. In the ongoing FIFA World Cup edition, Ghana took on mighty Czech Republic and what a fight they gave.

The way Ghana took attack to the Czech was simply terrific. As early as 70 seconds from the start of the match they had already scored a goal against Czech Republic. The way they intercepted passes, the way they attacked, the way they defended was absolutely out of the league of teams ranked in 40’s and 50’s. The Czechs simply looked confused through out, they absolutely did not had any answer to the frequent attacks made by Ghana, who seemed to break Czech defense at their will. With 8 shots on target compared to 4, 12 off the target compared to 10, Ghana dominated the match for most of the time. With their spirited display the score line should have read 4-0 or even high.

Agreed the Czech team was without their top strikers, but they were certainly not to loose a match against Ghana 0-2. Ghana now have a realistic chance of making it to the second level in the world cup.

What a terrific match! Hats off to the African display, their first-ever win in the FIFA World-Cup.

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