Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I had been to technical seminar yesterday. With my experiences from the past so far, I have come to conclusion that more than half questions you can safely classify as redundant. Sometimes they are so redundant that they as off the topic by miles.
Then there are few that can be classified as questions related to the common sense, or related to the very basic knowledge. These types of questions are the most humorous of all.

Yesterday one guy (presumably from a big company working in embedded systems) asked: Do you have external interrupt on the processor?
A; Yes, 16 external interrupt to the processor.
Q: Do I have to poll to receive them?

The example is a bit technical; but to clarify interrupt can never be polled. Interrupt mechanism, by the name or philosophy of operation itself, is contradictory to the polling mechanism.


Ajit said...

What was the answer? I expect even more hilarious answer!

I remember attending a similar seminar last year, where the anchor lady patented the term 'DSP' as Digital Science Processor, amidst a loud applause :-)

Sheetal said...

:) :) :)


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