Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Around a decade back

I still remember, I was in school that time in the 8th standard when I heard of computers first time. We had option between computers and drawing in that year and almost all of us had taken computer course. Only once our teacher had taken us to the computer lab. It was an air-conditioned lab. We were awestruck, as I had never been to an air-conditioned room before and nobody out of my friends had seen a computer before. We removed footwear outside the lab out of fear that some virus may attack computer. I guess that time even our teacher did not knew which virus actually attacks the computer. So there, we had removed our tiny shoes outside the lab and we stood in semi-circle around the lone computer that was in the lab. Everybody was pushing each other around in order to get closer look. Our teacher opened ms-paint. He then showed us how to draw something on computer. It looked like out of the world that time, drawing without pencils, sketch-pens, eraser and sketch-book. First of all seeing a computer itself was a big thing and then ability to do sketching on a computer was even big thing. After our teacher had drawn whatever looked like a tree, we thought we would have homework to draw something similaron a computer. We pushed each other around in order to use the computer, but our teacher ordered all of us to go back to the class. We used to boast about our teacher. My teacher is a master in computer. He can draw sketches. He operates computer very fast. And none of my other friends believed that that time.

I had not even thought that time that someday I would work on a computer, or own one. And today when we have three laptops in our house and probably two more on their way to our house, it somehow doesn't feel that we know a great deal about computers. It has no longer remained the thing of awe, instead has become a necessity. Your eye-sight, your energy, ration, medical, grocery bills are all now told by computers.

Even this post would not have seen the light of day without a computer.


Milind said...

"Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination." -Albert Einstein

Anonymous said...

Just opening e-mail account costed around 50 grands that time.


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