Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ads and all that

Summer is the time for all major soft drink makers to roll out new ads to increase their market share or catch the attention of viewers.
I guess all major commercials for cold-drinks run for the worst ad category:
- Last year pepsi had launched a commercial "Oye bubly" which I thought was worst even though its tune went on to become huge hit. This year's commercial titled "Pepsi TV" is the sickest I have seen. The whole idea itself is not unique. You can extend that kind of concept to anything say to your furniture, your air-conditioner, to the paint of your wall etc.
- Thumbs up launched ad "Taste the thunder" where akshay kumar climbs up the light house and catches thunder in his bottle and gulps it. I thought the whole idea itself is far fetched and the ad ill-timed expecially in summer. cant imagine somebody trying to catch thunder in his outstretched arms without getting rosted alive, even if the stunt has been done by professional stuntmens.
- Then there is Aishwarya Rai starrer Coke's ad "Different whistle for different occasion".
- As usual mountain dew's "Kuch karte Hain" Ad.
- Mallika Sherawat's 7-up ad.

The best ads I have seen so far in the recent past have been the
- Hutch's "don't click photos without permission"
-'s "Hari Sadu".
- Reliance's new ad, where a man goes to school and asks his son about the cricket score.

Add more if you could think of.


Abhishek said...

I don't like the new Coco Cola ads as well...

ajoy said...

whistle adv of coke is i guess the best amongs the lot. However i guess Hari sadu adv of is unbeatable.


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