Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Rang De Basanti

It is very difficult to classify a movie like this into any specific category for right from the freedom struggle to todays casual lifestyle. From patriotism to hatred, from life being laughter to seriousness, responsibilities to irresponsibility.

Rang De Basanti talks about the story of four boys who lead lavish and casual lifestyles and dont want to let go their university days. They all are masters as long as they are in university but they know outside they do not have any chance. Looking at the current affairs of country, they find it hard to believe why people have given up their lives for the country, their transformation and their belief and about what people can do. The movie draws parallel between the 1930s and the current and then it intersects at one point.

If you havent seen the movie yet, go watch it for it has the right mix of everything story, patriotism, laughter, sadness, photography, directions and top of all superb acting performances by all and moreover the movie delivers its message loud and clear instead of being preachy. Amir khan apts puts it "Duniya mein dui kisam ke log hotte hain. Ek jo chup chaap baithe rehte hain aur dusare jo kuch badalne ki jimmedari lete hain"

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