Friday, January 20, 2006

Wrong Punctuations.

When you are travelling on narrow roads and struck behind a truck all you can do is keep following the truck until you come across point where you can make an attempt at overtaking. Inspite of travelling at slower speeds, these trucks also entertain sometimes. You would have definitely noticed the famous slogan that is printed behind the truck, "Tata", "Bye Bye", "Ok", "Horn Please".

I got to know one more, "Rekha, Surekha, Suresh, Ramesh, Maharashtra Bankechya soujanyani". Wrong punctuations can lead to funny statements.


Ajit said...

haha! :)

Anonymous said...

Sahi Aahe :)

Ameya said...

:) I don't get it why they write "HORN OK PLEASE".

Piyush Sarode said...

Neither do I, but guess, they expect people to blow horn so that they come to know of someone being stuck behind their slow moving objects.


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