Friday, December 29, 2006

Promoting Business (?).

The flight which was supposed to take me to Hyderabad was delayed by an hour due to delay in the incoming flight; at least that was what announced. Since it was quite early in the morning, I didn't bother to go and ask for explanation, in fact i was hoping it gets delayed further. Finally it arrived after another 2 hours, but that is different matter. Around 30 minutes later the airlines office announced further delay of another hour I almost laughed. The announcement ran like this”We regret to announce 2 hours delay to our flight ABC coming from Muscat and traveling to Hyderabad. We request passengers to walk towards the nearest cafe coffee day outlet and have some coffee to pass this time.”

And the thing that made me laugh was passengers queuing up outside the cafe coffee day outlet.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas

I will be traveling home in this last week of the year.
Wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Two days and two retirements from the cricketing circles.
While both were least expected at the time, the retirement of Harmision came as a bit of surprise. Agreed the bowler was struggling at recent times, but given his capabilities he could easily have overcome his poor form. And the fact that he is just 28, he would have had a good amount of cricket left in him.
About the other, probably everybody would have known by now. Considering the sublime form he has had so far, and over past 15 years, Shane Warne could have easily been in the side for some more time. Australia will feel the loss of one of the biggest spinner. And if the roumers surrounding retirement of McGrath comes true, it will be a double blow to them. Imagine two of the best bowlers retire from the team at the same time just before the world cup starts.
I guess if a bowler of shane warne's capability had been in india and he had announced retirement at such a time there had been protests against his decision.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Change in RSS feed location

Those who have subscribed to this blog using RSS feeds, the RSS feed location has changed to location : .
Though these days the amount of posts that I write has gone down, I will try to increase the frequency of updating this blog.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Isn't it contrasting styles between the last two captains of Indian cricket team.

When Sourav Ganguly was captain of the Indian cricket team, as a whole team used to perform well except him.

When Rahul Dravid is captain of the Indian cricket team, he performs but the team does not.


Google sometimes brings out really cool stuff. They came up with orkut, which was meant to be a site dedicated to the friends. You create your account, find your old friends, add them to your friend list and be assured that wherever they go you will always be in contact with them, provided your friend also uses orkut regularly.

There is something called as your 'fans' in orkut, you get to know how many admirers you have. I have seen many times people becoming your fans. And also when you don't become their fan, they are then no longer your fan. Becoming somebody's 'fan' is your personal decision and is not dependent on whether the other person is your fan or not. For few, it is a status symbol that I have so many admirers.

Now I know why few people have so many admirers !!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Diwali Wishes

Let this festival of lights lighten up your life ahead and bring posperity to you and your family.
I will be off to my hometown till 4th Nov.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


There's this 'Chaat-wala' I visit many times in a month. Being one among his hundreds of customer I don't even know whether he realizes that I buy from him many times."
"Bhaiyaa, namak jyaada ho gaya hai aaj."
"Mar daalna hai kya, kitni mirch dali hai. Chal ek puri khila, mithe ke saath."
"Dahi thik nahi hai aaj."
"Agale baar se thoda tez banaya karo."
"Roj ke samaan aajki baat nahi. Puri taazi hain na?"
are few of the dialogues that he listens every often. I guess he has become immune to these kind of dialogues. His response is also predictable, flash a smile, be polite and mutter something of the kind "sirji, agale baar se dhyaan rakhenge".
That day when i said, "Aaj ke dahi-puri ekdam badhiya bani hain". He started with the same response just when he was about to say "Agale baar se ....", he realised the meaning. His smile changed. I guess he never expected any such comment, he was at loss of words. He wanted to say something, but couldn't form a sentence completely. He finally gave up and i noticed he was smiling and in pleasant mood for long time.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


These days I hate perfectly normal person who use lift [elevator] for traveling distances as short as one single floor and that to while travelling down.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hacker Puzzle

Little something for the brain.

I found this small puzzle on the net. It's a twenty-three page puzzle. All you have to do is keep reaching the next page till you reach the end. There is no direct link to the next page but there exists certain relation between two successive pages which will guide you to the next.
Reaching first eight pages should be elementary.

So, here you go: Hacker's Puzzle

If the puzzle does not open, copy paste this link in your browser:


Friday, July 21, 2006

John Abraham

Another attempt on the canvas.

There's little problem with the scanning though, the right side of the sketch is not as light as it apprears.

Friday, July 7, 2006


..... and suddenly today morning I realize that I am four years old at office.

Something Odd.

Yesterday when I saw the familiar black Chevrolet with black letters on its yellow number plate, it felt something odd. I realized that the cheverolet was a taxi operated by a private operator.

I have very rarely seen a Taxi with any other color. Have you even wondered why Taxis, even the ones operated by private travel operators, are always in White color? Maybe people have got mentally used to the idea of having taxi's only with the white colour.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

PJ for the day.

What will light say when he goes off?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


After trekking in mountains, Himalayan, and trekking along the railway lines in Sakleshpur, trekking along the beaches of northern Karnataka was what required for spending last weekend. We (Shantanu, Rohit, Ajit and I) started with the idea of trekking through the northern beaches of Karnataka, and drew rough preliminary plan. We planned to start from Bangalore on Friday night, continue trekking on Saturday and return back to Bangalore on Sunday. When I reached Bangalore Bus Stand, everybody else except for Ajit, who had unfortunately taken ill, Hrishikesh filling his place, had already reached before time. The bus was on time and we were to reach Gokarn by next day morning.

The weather was cloudy, with possibility of rains. After arrival at the beach, a notice board apparently put up for trekkers, promptly set us in a search mission of one police information center in Gokarn village. After wandering through the streets of Gokarn village, one police constable told us that there is no need to take any information, and we can continue our trek without any problems. By this time we were bit hungry and had our breakfast in Pai Restaurant.

Surprisingly, every alternate house in Gokarn Village claimed itself to be the house of Head-Priest.

We started trekking from the Gokarn beach towards Om beach. The view was breath-taking. Somewhere here the weather started turning dark and rain was approaching slowly. By the time we reached Om beach, it had started raining. The clear blue sky and dark black patch, supposedly of rain, in between; how often we see it.

The hotel at Om beach, where we had lunch, didn't even had water. When we asked water for washing our hands, he started collecting rain water in a big tub.

We came across small beach, supposedly Half-Moon beach. I exclaimed this looks like 1/10th moon beach. The curve was very small to be considered as half-moon.

After crossing, what looked like another small beach we wandered off from the usual rocky edges along the coast-line into thick plantations towards the center of the hill. We crossed two rocky fences and then trail became wider and finally lead us to locality. The villagers told us that those two beaches which we had dismissed earlier as being Half-Moon and Paradise beaches were actually the Half-Moon and Paradise beach respectively.

It was almost 5 p.m. around time to head back to Gokarn, that's when we bumped into this local guy. He came straight in the front and thrust his hand forward. Before I could realize anything, he started off… How are you sir? Hi I am Kittu! Then he started off again… Go this way sir for Paradise beach… Ohh you have already been to the beach, then go this way you will come across sun beach and next to it would be the bus-stand, he showed us directions and we left. The sun-beach was a disappointment. I guess they name every place which has sand along the sea as beach.

The state-bus promptly came on time and left immediately. We reached Gokarn in another half an hour, visited temple, and took the state-bus to Kumtha. What followed next is another story, will post in couple of days.

Update: You can view photos here and here.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

What a match.

Whenever I see a match between a team ranked as lowly as 48th and another team as high as 2nd your expectations from the lowly ranked team are usually low. At the most I expect the team (off course a lowly ranked one) to provide some resistance, offer little battle, and make the win difficult.

When either of two such teams does not belong to my country, I have sympathy with the lower ranked team and I end up supporting them. In the ongoing FIFA World Cup edition, Ghana took on mighty Czech Republic and what a fight they gave.

The way Ghana took attack to the Czech was simply terrific. As early as 70 seconds from the start of the match they had already scored a goal against Czech Republic. The way they intercepted passes, the way they attacked, the way they defended was absolutely out of the league of teams ranked in 40’s and 50’s. The Czechs simply looked confused through out, they absolutely did not had any answer to the frequent attacks made by Ghana, who seemed to break Czech defense at their will. With 8 shots on target compared to 4, 12 off the target compared to 10, Ghana dominated the match for most of the time. With their spirited display the score line should have read 4-0 or even high.

Agreed the Czech team was without their top strikers, but they were certainly not to loose a match against Ghana 0-2. Ghana now have a realistic chance of making it to the second level in the world cup.

What a terrific match! Hats off to the African display, their first-ever win in the FIFA World-Cup.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Two pleasant experiences.

I have had limited experiences of traveling with auto-rickshaw drivers; but not so pleasant till now. Many times I have seen them demanding more money than the meter shows or they took-off on a route which you believe is longer, and it is indeed longer and you pick-up fight over the route to take.

Day before yesterday, I met with this rickshaw driver who asked me for directions to take to the destination. He said he knew the route but not clearly and I may end-up paying more if he takes a longer route.

And today when I took a rickshaw from the pre-paid counter, avoiding the usual tendencies of taking the shortest possible route, he took off on a route which is longer but well-tarred and with lesser chances of being struck with traffic-jam.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I had been to technical seminar yesterday. With my experiences from the past so far, I have come to conclusion that more than half questions you can safely classify as redundant. Sometimes they are so redundant that they as off the topic by miles.
Then there are few that can be classified as questions related to the common sense, or related to the very basic knowledge. These types of questions are the most humorous of all.

Yesterday one guy (presumably from a big company working in embedded systems) asked: Do you have external interrupt on the processor?
A; Yes, 16 external interrupt to the processor.
Q: Do I have to poll to receive them?

The example is a bit technical; but to clarify interrupt can never be polled. Interrupt mechanism, by the name or philosophy of operation itself, is contradictory to the polling mechanism.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hail stones.

Three years back the weather was never so unpredictable, Bangalore was never so hot. Sitting in the air-conditioned office through out the day never really gives a true picture of whatever is happening outside, but still, during the week-ends mercury used to lie around readings that would not be make one uncomfortable with the help of fans.

These days weather gods are not that happy. As the day progresses the temperatures are increasing making outside life more and more uncomfortable but the meter inside the office keeps telling the same temperature over and again - 22 degrees. With the help of internet computers keep telling the outside temperatures every hour or so, or whenever I care to run down the stairs for a cup of coffee.

As evenings approach, the angry weather swings, it cools down at the rapid pace. By 6pm the temperature has come down considerably, and by 6.30 the summer season itself has gone somewhere, it has started raining. Just as an pattern over previous couple of years, whenever it got very hot, it has rained in the evening.

Yesterday it went one step further, like emulating weather in the mountains. It was hot in the afternoon, rained in the evening, and showred hailstones in the late evening/early night. On the backdrop of dark night (courtesy power failure), It had become white everywhere, the lawn was covered with hail stones. What a wonderful sight it was.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Around a decade back

I still remember, I was in school that time in the 8th standard when I heard of computers first time. We had option between computers and drawing in that year and almost all of us had taken computer course. Only once our teacher had taken us to the computer lab. It was an air-conditioned lab. We were awestruck, as I had never been to an air-conditioned room before and nobody out of my friends had seen a computer before. We removed footwear outside the lab out of fear that some virus may attack computer. I guess that time even our teacher did not knew which virus actually attacks the computer. So there, we had removed our tiny shoes outside the lab and we stood in semi-circle around the lone computer that was in the lab. Everybody was pushing each other around in order to get closer look. Our teacher opened ms-paint. He then showed us how to draw something on computer. It looked like out of the world that time, drawing without pencils, sketch-pens, eraser and sketch-book. First of all seeing a computer itself was a big thing and then ability to do sketching on a computer was even big thing. After our teacher had drawn whatever looked like a tree, we thought we would have homework to draw something similaron a computer. We pushed each other around in order to use the computer, but our teacher ordered all of us to go back to the class. We used to boast about our teacher. My teacher is a master in computer. He can draw sketches. He operates computer very fast. And none of my other friends believed that that time.

I had not even thought that time that someday I would work on a computer, or own one. And today when we have three laptops in our house and probably two more on their way to our house, it somehow doesn't feel that we know a great deal about computers. It has no longer remained the thing of awe, instead has become a necessity. Your eye-sight, your energy, ration, medical, grocery bills are all now told by computers.

Even this post would not have seen the light of day without a computer.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Feeling sleepy?

Yesterday, since morning I was fighting hopelessly against sleep. I tried tuning to radio, gulped cups of coffee, browsed internet for some time, talked with friends but nothing seemed to be working. Finally I decided to call it a day and have sound sleep in the comforts of my home. But to my dismay, the very sleep which had troubled me for long in the office had gone somewhere far off.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Template Change

I am in the process of changing my blog template. Earlier template had some issues with compatibility between IE and Firefox. Hope the new template would not be stereotype and would have fix for both IE and Firefox.
Comments welcome to improve the look.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ads and all that

Summer is the time for all major soft drink makers to roll out new ads to increase their market share or catch the attention of viewers.
I guess all major commercials for cold-drinks run for the worst ad category:
- Last year pepsi had launched a commercial "Oye bubly" which I thought was worst even though its tune went on to become huge hit. This year's commercial titled "Pepsi TV" is the sickest I have seen. The whole idea itself is not unique. You can extend that kind of concept to anything say to your furniture, your air-conditioner, to the paint of your wall etc.
- Thumbs up launched ad "Taste the thunder" where akshay kumar climbs up the light house and catches thunder in his bottle and gulps it. I thought the whole idea itself is far fetched and the ad ill-timed expecially in summer. cant imagine somebody trying to catch thunder in his outstretched arms without getting rosted alive, even if the stunt has been done by professional stuntmens.
- Then there is Aishwarya Rai starrer Coke's ad "Different whistle for different occasion".
- As usual mountain dew's "Kuch karte Hain" Ad.
- Mallika Sherawat's 7-up ad.

The best ads I have seen so far in the recent past have been the
- Hutch's "don't click photos without permission"
-'s "Hari Sadu".
- Reliance's new ad, where a man goes to school and asks his son about the cricket score.

Add more if you could think of.

Monday, April 3, 2006

Another Painting

Another attempt on canvas. Though this time it wasn't a physical canvas, but a digital one. This painting I tried sketching in the photoshop. I guess has come out quite well for the first attempt with digital paintings.

Click on the image for bigger version.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happy Holi

It's HOLI, the festival of colours today. May your life be always colourful.
Surprisingly, its holi today, but this year no holi-day today.

Monday, March 6, 2006

Bike's Day Out.

Today is my bikes day out. After three years of continuously riding bike to places in Bangalore, be it short trips like to the office, koramangala, or farther places like malleshwaram, majestic, indira nagar, hebbal, or totally outskirts like Nandi Hills or Mekedatu, I had decided to give my bike some rest. No, no problems with the bike, I have decided to start cycling again and have planned to come to the office on cycle at least once in a week.

Untimely rains

This week-end, presence of the heat felt. It was quite hot during the day time; the temperatures increased and so did rains come flooding in the nights. I dont know about the Bangalore flooding, but definitely my house was flooded.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Dream routes: Trekking in Sakleshpur.

This trek (also called 'Green Route') had been on my wish list for quite some time. So when Manoj proposed to embark on trekking, I immediately jumped on. It was completely unplanned trek, On Thursday itself we (Manoj, Sundeep, Velavar and off course Me) decided and on Friday night we were in the Bus traveling towards Sakleshpur.

We were at the Majestic Bus Station, Bangalore at around 9.30 p.m. but because of heavy rush all busses going to Mangalore routes were already full. Finally we found one private operator selling cabin seats to Mangalore. We still imagined that we would have decent, well obviously not comfortable, seats for us but when we boarded the bus, every square inch space of the bus was already sold. I guess he had literally crammed fifty people inside. Finally at 11.00 pm our bus left for Mangalore.

Around 2.00 a.m. we reached Kamat Uphar restaurant on the Mangalore Highway NH-48. The place resembled like huge bus terminal. There were more than 20 buses parked. Sakleshpur was just another 80kms and with no proper place to sit in the cabin, sleep was out of question. At 4.00 am, we had already crossed little more than 10kms after Sakleshpur; we reached our destination, the 234KM marker on the highway. The place is a small village called Donigal. After crossing few tea shops which are open 24x7, and located at 227KM marker, there is small bridge. You need to get down after this bridge. On your left hand, there will be a house, and on it’s diagonally opposite direction a small road climbing uphill will lead to the Donigal Station.

'Green Route' is the most picturesque trek route in the Western Ghats in Karnataka. This stretch, around 50 km, between Donigal and Subramanya stations on Bangalore-Mangalore railway route is famous for lush greenary, beautiful landscapes, small river streams, tunnels and bridges. The trek starts at Donigal and the destination could be any of Edakumeri (Yedakumeri)(17kms), Shirabagelu(28kms), Gundya or Subramanya (50-52km) depending upon ones stamina. The most famous stretch is between Donigal to Edakumeri.

Donigal station was still under construction; we rolled newspapers and slept for good 2 hours. At 6am we brushed, had breakfast and started our railway trek from the Donigal station. The Railway track passes through the Western Ghats and connects Hassan and Mangalore. There used to be trains on this stretch, but because of stiff resistance from the private bus operators and lack of broad gauge, the railways closed this section and since then this section has been trekker’s paradise. The conversion of narrow gauge to broad gauge is almost complete, and with railways to start within two months, sadly this trek route will soon come to an end. The distance markers on the railway track at the Donigal station reads 49Km, which is actually the distance from Hassan. Yedakumeri is the next station after Donigal at 67Kms, which meant we had good 18Kms to cover on Saturday.

When we were traveling through the ghats during night, it was evident that visibility was going to be poor; the high beam of the bus was barely enough to light 10 meters of the road ahead; the morning was also misty, but by 7.00 am sun had come out and visibility had improved. Fortunately through out the day, the weather was good; clear and sunny, not very hot. After walking around couple of kilometers we came across our first railway bridge. Though the bridge is only 50 meters long, its mere look itself excited us. Railway bridges are not like normal bridges, it only has sleepers spaced around 1feet to walk over. Not that you would fall off easily, but lack of terra firma scared me initially. By the time I had crossed half the bridge the fear had gone away. The coffee plantation on the side and small river stream visible through sleepers, flowing directly below was a wonderful sight. Wondered during the monsoons, it would truly be an amazing sight. The cameras had came out by now and we took lot of snaps on the bridge; the first bridge always has some significance. It is where you get a glimpse of what you are going to see ahead.

As we move forward, the forest grows, and the well-maintained coffee plantation thins. Their place is now taken by forest, valley, gorges with river streams flowing in between hills and frequent tunnels and bridges. The trek is simple in a way that you do not need to climb up or down this hilly terrain, the tunnels and bridges are there to keep railway track straight as possible.

Walking almost 3kms after crossing the first bridge, we came across the first tunnel. The tunnel is pretty straight and illuminated. There is a small opening inside the tunnel on the right hand side. A deep valley and water-fall outside greeted us, though we never ventured near water-fall, we spent some time relaxing at the place and enjoying the beauty. The second tunnel is almost back-to-back the first tunnel; hardly few meters away.

After this tunnels and bridges became frequent. Till Km58 marker there was no problem. Somewhere here we came across longest tunnel so far 254Meters. It was slightly a curved tunnel so the other end was not visible from the entrance, there was dim light inside but not enough. It is here I realized that my energizer pencil torch is not enough to light inside darker tunnels. There were three to four tunnels, I guess, over 400 meters, and they were completely dark inside. Even after spending five minutes inside, out eyes did not get accustomed to the darkness. It was pitch black. We collective light from three torches kept us going through these tunnels. Next time I better carry a powerful torch while trekking on railway tracks with tunnels. There are bats hanging inside these bats, better be careful not to upset them.

There were two bridges ~150 meters long. By far these were the longest we had crossed and the terra-firma beneath them was deepest as well. The view of sheer height between two sleepers while crossing was enough to ignite jitters; but it also presented the breath-taking view. We spend some time on these bridges and took few snaps as well.

There were in all 17 tunnels ranging from 50 meters to 572 meters and 12 bridges between the stations Donigal to Yedakumeri.

We reached Yedakumeri at 4.00 pm, covering 16km on foot and ~2km on the rail inspection trolley with few long breaks alongside river streams in between. We had planned to stay overnight at the Yedakumeri station. I dozed off to half hour sleep. When I woke up we saw three Diesel Railway engines coming towards Yedakumeri station, we asked whether they could take us back to Sakleshpur which they gladly accepted. My long standing dream of traveling in a railway engine just got completed. They asked us to board the last engine. During return journey we got to saw the nature around again, especially while crossing bridges on foot where we had little chance to look around except concentrate on sleepers and glimpses of the depth beneath. The railway driver panel is fairly simple. He has one lever to accelerate and brake. The driver gets side view of the track ahead. From Sakleshpur we jumped into the bus to Hassan from there to Bangalore and we were back in Bangalore by Saturday mid-night.

Nevertheless the trek was fabulous. The railway drivers told us that the section between Yedakumeri to Shiribagilu is the best for trekking. I am soon planning to cover remaining 25 odd km of the trek, before this section is again dominated by western railways.

Click here for More Photos.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Kokre Bellur

Last weekend (Or last to last?) I had been to Kokre Bellur. Its a small village in the Mandya district, Karnataka. This place is roughly 80Km from Bangalore and is famous for migrating birds like pelicans and storks.
I wanted to write up descripton for this place but somehow skipped. Ajit has captured almost everything about the trip in detail here and here.
Browse through the photos of this trip here and here.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Office Humor

Like dilbert, following is what happened in one of our appraisals discussions.
Manager: So what do you think are your accomplishments in the last six months?
Appraisee: Losing 3 Kgs.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Rambling Senseless.

When I walked passed his cubicle, I noticed he was intently watching something on his computer.Just a cursory glance on his computer while walking past revealed me that he was watching (or reading the fine print?) the message which was displayed. Surprised I asked him why you are keenly watching keenly this message which is displayed when a windows computer is locked.

He replied back, it is not the message that is displayed when computer is locked but it is the message that is displayed when windows is shutting down itself. I must admit this conversation raised laughter in surrounding cubicles

Rang De Basanti

It is very difficult to classify a movie like this into any specific category for right from the freedom struggle to todays casual lifestyle. From patriotism to hatred, from life being laughter to seriousness, responsibilities to irresponsibility.

Rang De Basanti talks about the story of four boys who lead lavish and casual lifestyles and dont want to let go their university days. They all are masters as long as they are in university but they know outside they do not have any chance. Looking at the current affairs of country, they find it hard to believe why people have given up their lives for the country, their transformation and their belief and about what people can do. The movie draws parallel between the 1930s and the current and then it intersects at one point.

If you havent seen the movie yet, go watch it for it has the right mix of everything story, patriotism, laughter, sadness, photography, directions and top of all superb acting performances by all and moreover the movie delivers its message loud and clear instead of being preachy. Amir khan apts puts it "Duniya mein dui kisam ke log hotte hain. Ek jo chup chaap baithe rehte hain aur dusare jo kuch badalne ki jimmedari lete hain"

Friday, January 27, 2006

The Best Blonde Joke

From Gaurav and Ajit, the power of internet that leads us to one of best blonde joke. Ever.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Wrong Punctuations.

When you are travelling on narrow roads and struck behind a truck all you can do is keep following the truck until you come across point where you can make an attempt at overtaking. Inspite of travelling at slower speeds, these trucks also entertain sometimes. You would have definitely noticed the famous slogan that is printed behind the truck, "Tata", "Bye Bye", "Ok", "Horn Please".

I got to know one more, "Rekha, Surekha, Suresh, Ramesh, Maharashtra Bankechya soujanyani". Wrong punctuations can lead to funny statements.


From now on, new posts will have blogger powered comments system.
I had few issues with my haloscan account, and also blogger provides better control over comments.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Hritik Roshan

Finally after a long time, the sketch seems to be complete. Am planning for a new sketch but looking at the workload, seems like it will take long time before it completes.

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Happy New Year

Wish you a very Happy new Year.
May the new year bring peace, prosperity and I wish all your dreams come true in the new year.


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