Monday, December 5, 2005

Post Paid.

Almost every alternate day I get a call from representatives of some of the mobile operators in the country. The conversation usually hovers around the same issue. Even though it is irritating stating them again and again that I am not interested in accepting their offer, sometimes I really wonder about them.
Every time they will come up with innovative ways to woo customers, but their offers are almost similar. Some of them are so funny that they actually make you laugh. Like this one.

Sir, Are you using post-paid mobile connection or pre-paid?
Sir in case you are using pre-paid connection we have a better offer on a post-paid connection…
I already have a post-paid connection.
Sir in case you have a pre-paid connection…
I have a post-paid connection. P O S T post P A I D paid connection.
Ohh sir, you already have a post paid connection, we have a better deal. Would you like to know about details?
I patiently make an effort to hide my displeasure, and, she in-turn assumes that I replied in affirmative. :(
She goes on, and tells me details about plan that I already have.
I already have a post-paid connection with the same plan.
Sir you already have two connections, then why can’t you take one more. Sir see we have good offer...
I do not have two connections, I already have one with the same offer.
Ohh is it Sir, then you can go again for this plan.
I got really irritated and simply hung up.


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