Monday, December 19, 2005

The Perfect Flight

I started two hours early, anticipating traffic, from the scheduled departure time of the Indian airlines which was to take me to Pune at 11.10 amin the morning. Surprisingly in spite of office hours, the traffic on the airport road was less. With only traffic lights to stop the mighty speed of my drive, I reached well in advance to the airport. I unsuccessfully tried to search for 2 rupees change, but to my surprise the driver himself offered me remaining change which I heartily accepted. Earlier also the first driver I asked, without any hassles, had accepted to drive me to the airport.

Since I had reached well in advance there were few people at the airport. The receptionist at the counter gave me my boarding pass with a windows seat with a smiling face. Slowly as the time progressed, other passengers started showing up at the counter. The remaining time was very well spent in observing people, listening conversations and reading new paper. The sky was perfect blue, and temperature was just around the comfortable limits with warm breeze.The lazy winter mornings effects could be seen clearly, the workers were slowly going about their work, the security guard took his own time to complete pre-flight checks in midst of his morning coffee, the x-ray machine was also lazily scanning the baggages. The morning rays had lit-up the whole waiting lobby, and people were trying to shake-off good nights sleep.

When the departure was announced, I occupied my seat at the window. Few chocolates were distributed. As the last passenger boarded the plane and occupied his seat, the airplane was ready for take-off. Pilot took his own time in completing pre-flight checks and slowly released the throttle. The plane was now slowly approaching the so called tarred strip the runway. After reaching the end of runway and taking a perfect U-turn, the pilot kept increasing throttle, the plane started picking up speed and within seconds it touched 300 miles per hour. The acceleration was huge, it was clearly visible on the first-timers faces; everybody was as if glued to the back of his seats. The roar of engines kept increasing, complemented by perfect silence inside; the buildings zoomed past within fractions of a second, tires spinning faster and faster and finally the giant aircraft leaped in the air.

The clear sky offered perfect view of Bangalore city. From lazy morning to the jet speed, the flight was perfect.


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