Thursday, December 1, 2005


Ever since we had moved to this our current house, for more than two years, I used to see completely dried wild shrub hanging over the entrance gate. It was completely dry. Many times I had felt that I should remove it from the place and plant a jasmine plant on its place. That day when we cleaned up our little garden, we removed all the unwanted plants but kept this one.

One day when I returned from my office in the evening, I smelt jasmine fragrance and saw few jasmine flowers lying on the entrance. I thought somebody had dropped them there by mistake and later forgot about it. Next evening when I returned again there was jasmine fragrance in the air, I thought I am dreaming about them; but the fragrance was there.

I looked up in the direction of fragrance, three leaves had appeared on that dead dried shrub, and few jasmine flowers were dancing along with the cold breeze.


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