Friday, October 21, 2005

Fifty-Five Words !!

Here’s my poor attempt at writing the short fifty-five words story.

When he is trying to concentrate hard on his work ahead; this fellow in his neighbourhood with this prejudiced religious belief works hard daily morning to save it from shattering by typing furiously and chanting words (off course in mind) “Om Sairam” for thirty-five minutes ignorant of fact that it irritates our fellow beyond control.

I tag whoever reads this to write a short fifty-five word story.

P.S: Anyway now a days it has started irritating me as well. Earlier I used to hear that rhythmic sound and used to ignore it, but ever since I knew the reason behind it, It irritates. Okay you have to chant mantra or whatever daily; nobody’s stopping it, but why do it in the office disturbing others.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

On Comparisons!

I have seen people comparing all the time. Even I keep comparing, but now I am learning to avoid comparisons. I have seen people often saying that their hometown is much better than this city of Bangalore. I have seen people often cribbing about almost everything associated with this city. Like the people are not friendly, like the rickshaw drivers are not friendly, owners are corrupt, not enough hotels serving north Indian foods or even partial treatment when it comes to fights.
Little did they realize that they came to know this fact only after coming here? When they were or rather I would say when I was in my hometown it always looked like an ordinary town. The town never looked as interesting as it looks now; I was annoyed by the people, the roads, the pollution levels, traffic, signals, rickshaws etc. Has it become our habit to cry foul over everything that happens always in our surroundings? Whatever drawbacks this city has, it still offers which my own town can not offer, a good job.
Almost wherever you go, the rickshaw drivers have almost the same attitude. The road condition, politics, traffic are more or less similar. Instead of comparing always why not learn to live happily. Just enjoy stay in city as long as you are there.

Funny isn’t it

During traffic update on radio city, these days they don’t say “there is a huge traffic jam on the bannerghatta road”. Instead they now say “Bannerghatta road is living up to its reputation. Try as much as possible to avoid it.”


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