Friday, September 30, 2005

Rubbish Questions

During past two days I was in “The Leela Palace” for training on Freescale processors. The training was good, and was conducted in completely different manner from what we used to have in colleges. And the starters and desserts in Leela are awesome. Anyway that’s not the point of this post.
People have habit of asking questions, obviously everybody is allowed to. It looked entirely different for me, for somebody to get up and ask a question immediately the moment instructor had pronounced a new word and taught a new topic. I had to wonder whether I am understanding whatever was taught or not as it used took me some time to process whatever the instructor had said and form a coherent meaning. And by that time (until I understand whatever was said) this fellow had already delivered his question and instructor is preparing for his solution. Now before I could focus on instructors answer, I had to decipher the question quickly.
And I realized most of the time the questions asked, you can classify then as ridiculous and asked without giving any thoughts. Few of them were really genuine but then they were in huge minority. I wonder whether people ask questions (which you can classify as rubbish) before they think over what was said or just to show-off that they understand quickly.


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