Monday, September 12, 2005

Mobiles go cheaper.

This incident is quite similar to Airtel’s recent ads that run on TV these days.
We were sitting in the Hotel lobby waiting for someone to arrive. Within few minutes, a phone, with the typical Nokia tune, starts ringing. Me and my fiends check up our cell-phones but the ringing continues (obviously it is not our phone). The waiter serving at the nearest table checks up his cell-phone to find out that it wasn’t his cell-phone either. Lastly the guy, who was sweeping the floors till now, takes out a small shining object from his pocket, punches a button (The ringing stops at this point), balances the shining object between his ears and shoulder and starts conversation “Hello, HaanJi kahiye…”.

All we could do was to stare in amazement. The cell phone is no longer a symbol of status.


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