Monday, August 29, 2005

My first bike crash.

Just as an expedition, on 15th August, We set out for a long drive. At one place we were climbing downhill and came across this blind sharp turn. There was no notice put up, nor the road was wide, nor the road was in level with the ground (It was in fact almost half feet above ground level). So while negotiating that turn, I ran little wider than the road and skidded. I was lying down, with the bike on my right leg, and trying to analyze the possible loss that had occurred (off course with respect to injuries). Nothing much but a bruised ankle and palm. Anyway that’s not the point of the post.

Coming back, while I was lying down one fellow came around. He was almost standing over me and showing something which was broken and had mischievous smile. I was trying to do a pattern matching to find out what was broken from my bike. He shook his head, smiled and said “this is the broken side view mirror of my bike”.
“Can you please…”
“I too had slipped at the same spot”
“That’s fine. Can yo…”
“My friend had also slipped here.”
This time determined not to get interrupted I tried again “That’s fine but can you move bike out of my leg?”
He surveyed me, and said “Nice bike, looks solid, how much CC?”
I almost “#$%$#^$”
“How much’s the weight?”
By now, I had lost whatever hopes I had that this guy might move the bike and my friends had also parked their bikes and had come for rescue. Some people are more than happy when they see that others have fallen at the same place where they had once. And instead of helping they get a sadistic pleasure by telling their own stories when somebody else is asking for help.

But I must say, Pulsar is a nice bike in spite of the high speed skid and bike on my leg, all I got was a minor bruise.


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