Monday, July 25, 2005

Bits and Pieces.

Chandigarh is the best planned city I have ever seen. You are not allowed to build your house anywhere, and in any shape as you wanted in Chandigarh. However you can only build your house in accordance with the plan approved by Chandigarh Govt. Since all houses are similar, anywhere you go in the city, you feel you are in the same colony.Also, you can not even open a shop, not even a phone booth in the residential layout, which prevents from the traffic blocks that might occur because of vehicle parking on road near shops.


My friend was driving his scooter in Chandigarh at speed well above 45-50Kmph, yet he told me that today we are stuck in traffic; otherwise, we could have touched even higher mark.


At Dehradun Railway station, the Ticket collector mistook us as students came there to join IMA. Later when we started trek, Devendra believed that I resembles like Punjabi, and thats why other Punjabi people are so friendly with me. At the crossing of the fourth and biggest glacier on our way to Hemkund sahib, when we were setting tripod for taking pictures, the fellow trekkers or people, mistook us for Media persons; One even went further and asked whether I am making a documentary. In the Chandigarh rock garden, where I took snaps at almost all places, other visitors thought that I am some journalist and taking snaps for an article in some magazine.


On our way to trek, we found only girls begging for money, probably all boys are made to work around mountains, horses, gather food, or gather Woodstock for burning fire.


The mountain cows are half the size of normal cows, and they can climb quite steep surfaces easily. While showing a photograph, I told Manoj that look this is the place where the Black Deer hibernates when it snows outside; while actually it was Black Bear and not Deer.


At Hemkund Sahib, we have to take a dip in the pond, at near freezing temperatures, just outside gurudwara, before entering it. The water that comes into the pond is in fact melted glaciers at the Himalayas, and you can see some ice on the farther side of the pond. We didnt dare to take a dip, but however we decided to dip our feet and take a snap as a remembrance. When Devendra dipped his feet, he kept uttering wahe guru as follows (read the next sentence in the increasing order of speed and volume) Waaaheee guuuruu, waahe guru, wahe gure, abe kadh na photo lavkar (take the snap quickly).


The New Delhi railway station is the worst station I have seen in my life. I had presumptions that at-least the platform number 1 would be good, but no, even the entrance gate was all coloured with spits of betel-leafs. Needless to say about platform, people were spitting at all places ignoring whether it lands on somebody or platform.


Monday, July 11, 2005

Valley Of Flowers

Since long time, I had wanted to go for a trek in Himalayas. Last month, when Ajit proposed this trek to "Valley of Flowers", an opportunity had come and I had taken care not to miss it. Though it is not exactly in the Himalayas, but it is at the foothills of Himalayan mountain ranges. The estimated five day trek starts from 16th July till 20th July. I am leaving from Bangalore on 15th July and will be back on 24th July.

The Valley OF Flowers is situated in the upper expanses of Bhyundar Ganga in the far interior of Garhwal Himalayas and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and carpeted with over 500 species of flowers and is spread over an area of 87.5 Sq. km. and is 3,250 meters to 6,750 meters above mean sea level. The valley is open only in summers between june and October, being covered by heavy snow during the rest of the year it remains mostly inaccessible.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Another year!

Another year passed. Today is the day, exactly three years ago, I had left the graduation school and joined this profession; the world of corporate, huge companies, huge stakes. As I ponder upon my career so far, it has always been good, luck has never deserted so far, and no opportunities missed. There were few ups and downs, but those are always there; Isn't it? I started my work in core software, with the development of in-house operating system, and now over the last year or so, moved into the field, embedded systems and, device drivers.


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