Friday, June 24, 2005

Smart Kids

I was on the railway station, waiting for the train to come. The train was little late or rather I had reached the station early. Sometimes sitting alone on the station without anybody for company or for a casual chat becomes boring. So to spend time, I have this peculiar habit of putting my thoughts together and predicting the probable next moves of people around. Though I never had much success, but certainly it gives a different angle or view of thinking. I then start thinking on the lines of the fellow under my observation, and to my surprise, few times the fellow really does what I had thought. There is so much to learn, and so much to understand.
The thing I wanted to write about was while I was waiting for the train, there were two kids, mostly in first standard or so, waiting for some train. I felt how dumb I was when I was a kid. I could not even pronounce English and these kids were talking fluent English. One peddler selling balloons, flute, toys etc, was playing and showcasing things he had to these kids in a hope that they will be tempted and he would be able to make some sale. But one of the kids told him "Bhayya aage jaao, yahaan pe koi kuchh nahi kharidega", and after he had left, the other kid told his parents "We have driven that peddler away; he was trying to sell his goods to us". That was little odd behavior as normally I had seen kids demanding whatever they see, and if you dont buy it they start with their potent weapon, crying.


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