Friday, June 24, 2005

Short Story - Justice

When the courts opened today, many were eagerly awaiting the results. Few had already guessed of what would be the possible out-come. His family was also around for the results. At 9.00 a.m. sharp court opened. Everybody, present in the court to witness the end of bitter trial that was fought fiercely, was busy discussing about the probable outcome. However to few it was clear as to who would go on to win. Normally tensed lawyers were also casual and chatting jubilantly. However there was little tension, curiosity and eagerness.

Finally the preceding judge arrived and everybody took their place. The vociferous court room suddenly became silent. The judge looked at his papers and ordered that he should be brought in the witness box from the prison. The supervising officer looked at his subordinate they exchanged glances, had little conversation as to who would step forward and break the news. Finally officer went up to the judges place and spoke something in his ears. The judge shook his face as if he could not believe the news but then he< could not do much. Slight flutter and enquiring glances were exchanged amongst those present in the court-room.

As the officer got back to his place judge looked up, composed his face, knowing everybody was eager to know this new latest development, spoke finally. "As we come to close of this fiery trial, I have mixed feelings. I am glad that this trial came to an end, but then it had taken long time to complete, Perhaps the longest. I acquit him of all charges, under the circumstances he did what anybody could have done best. It was wrong that he was charged for.... but that doesn't matter now". There was huge uproar amongst his supporters. The judge silenced them and continued "However, as I said, the court has taken perhaps too long a time to come to an end, and with a heavy heart and deepest feelings, though I hate to say all this, He had cardiac attack and in spite of all medical attention, he passed away few minutes back, I request you all to please maintain silence for a minute to pay respect and homage to the departed soul".


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