Friday, May 6, 2005


He was thrilled that he is joining something which is new, which will help him understand new things, newer concepts, newer techniques, newer difficulties and challenges in other field, and will help him understand the finer nuances of handling both mechanics and electronics and merging them together to create newer products. I will be happy to work in the field in which I have never worked before. It will definitely help me in some way.

On the other hand, his friend was skeptical. To sum up, his thinking was: he is just joining another group. There would be nothing new to learn, everything that they work into is already done by somebody else, the concepts illustrated by somebody else, there would not be anything new. Even if I read books, I would know those things, so whats the big deal. I am not that interested in working there. Whats the point of inventing the wheel again?

Personally I agree with the first view of looking into things. How can you judge things without even knowing them? Few people have attitude and thinking that whatever happens to them is always wrong. They will always crib about whatever they have, and will always compare themselves with somebody else who is ideal, and then doubt their own self belief that I simply cant do this; I dont have enough knowledge, without even trying once. Or else will simply blame their own luck that it is never good.


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