Tuesday, May 31, 2005


The alarm clock, which I had kept adjacent to my bed, started ringing. I was fast asleep, dreaming something and this ringing filled up a part of the dream. I wasn't bothered for it was only a dream. When it kept ringing persistently, I realized that the dream can not hang like a computer and keep executing continuously in a loop, and that it was indeed my alarm clock that was ringing.

Reluctantly I gave up the warmth of my bed, and got up. Though I wasn't very happy, but I wasn't sad either. I would have preferred sleeping as long as I wished, if it wasn't a question of earning bread and butter. After getting fresh, I walked out of my house about half hour earlier than the usual time of 7.00a.m, when you have to run frantically towards the bus-stop to catch bus at the last minute. The sun was just rising in the east and calm and cool breeze flowing through the trees had already awakened birds. I wondered if I had seen any of these birds in the past two or three years after I had left my college and joined this job as an assistant manager. It felt much better than the regular days, I had witnessed the rising of sun, chirping of birds, cool and fresh breeze which has become rare commodity now. The relatively deserted road, which I cursed daily for its small width would be crowded in the next few minutes, looked much wider and even. And together with the fragrance of mogra, jasmine and covered almost completely by gul-mohar trees on either sides, which had just blossomed was an amazing sight. I wondered how can I pass through the same street daily and yet never ever see the beauty of it?

The alarm rang again. I paused to check my wrist watch and then I jumped in the surprise, for it was already 6.45a.m and I was still in my bed, hoping not to miss again the 7.00a.m bus.

Why Not??

We all know, if x2 = y2 then taking square root on both sides, we get x = y.
Similarly if Rs 1 = 100 paisa, then taking square root on both sides, why not Rs 1 = 10 paisa.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Cricket Fever.

I started playing cricket on the week-ends and it started with a bang. I had gathered a group of 10-16 techies, who had similar passion to gulli cricket as mine, and we continued to dominate the BTM cricket ground by our presence for over three straight months. We had some moments of our glory. No No, not worth any international standard, for that matter not even worth any district level, but the fun we had after shattering fellow's stumps to the ground or hitting somebody for consecutive boundaries, and pulling ones leg after he had bowled a marathon 16-ball over giving away 30-odd runs to the opponent team, was amazing. The fights we had over run-outs and no-balls. It started just like that, and this week it looks like it will also stop just like that, without any reason.

A Love Story.

Ajit writes a story and then he takes it all together to a different world. I am sure you would end up laughing at the end, just like me.

Friday, May 13, 2005


The good old file "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge" will create history in the indian cinema today, when its show will be screened in the Maratha Mandir theatre mumbai for the straight 500th week; where it has been running everyday since its release.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


When I saw this sign somewhere in Tirupati "beware of luggage", my mind mulled over the popular version "beware of dogs" signifying caution against upcoming danger, I stopped in my tracks and wondered whether my luggage would suddenly transform into a lion or scary ghost.
Finally I concluded, even this phrase is correct. With so many people and similar bags around, it is possible to forget our own bag and carry somebody elses bag. And that definitely would be a sign of upcoming calamity.

Friday, May 6, 2005


He was thrilled that he is joining something which is new, which will help him understand new things, newer concepts, newer techniques, newer difficulties and challenges in other field, and will help him understand the finer nuances of handling both mechanics and electronics and merging them together to create newer products. I will be happy to work in the field in which I have never worked before. It will definitely help me in some way.

On the other hand, his friend was skeptical. To sum up, his thinking was: he is just joining another group. There would be nothing new to learn, everything that they work into is already done by somebody else, the concepts illustrated by somebody else, there would not be anything new. Even if I read books, I would know those things, so whats the big deal. I am not that interested in working there. Whats the point of inventing the wheel again?

Personally I agree with the first view of looking into things. How can you judge things without even knowing them? Few people have attitude and thinking that whatever happens to them is always wrong. They will always crib about whatever they have, and will always compare themselves with somebody else who is ideal, and then doubt their own self belief that I simply cant do this; I dont have enough knowledge, without even trying once. Or else will simply blame their own luck that it is never good.

Mother's Day

Though I have never said this before. Maybe I do not have the nerve to say it, or somewhere deep down I have a fear or ego or whatever. It's difficult to express in words, but still if you are reading this, Mom, Dad, I love you.

Grass is green.

He always considered himself unlucky for working here. He hated things and this system of bribing from the core of his heart. He considered whatever he used to do was pathetic; the compensation they used to give him for his work was pittance compared to his counterparts in states. He always dreamed of big things. In back of his mind he always tried to find out the price of commodity by converting its price from US Dollars to INR and comparing them.
One day he quit his company, took loan and sailed away for the luring states. He was very happy to be in the country of his dreams, the country he always liked, the country he thought has the fairest treatment. He was very proud of himself for being there, earning money. He had hit a goldmine. As the days passed, he realized that the money he has accumulated is not enough. The more he tried, the more he worried, the more it fell short of his target. The target always seemed distant. It was after two years he realized that it is pointless working here. He realized however bad his own country looked then, was in fact better than his present living condition. At least he never had to take appointment to meet his parents or friends. He never had to worry about anything alone; his friends were always there for support. More over he was never treated like a foreigner. Here, they never showed it but they never behaved like they would have behaved with their own countrymen. What has he got there, money sure enough, but he has lost his relatives, his friends, his mental peace, his tradition, his values, his time and his culture.


Why Mess(Large Dining hall) is called Mess?
Probably because it is messed up everywhere.

Thursday, May 5, 2005

Anything Special..

About today??
Noticed about today's date?
It is Thursday, 05/05/05. And even Thursday is the 5th day of the week.

I am amazed by some people. They always seem to have opinions about things which they haven't seen, they don't even know about, or they haven't even worked upon.

Monday, May 2, 2005


For the uninitiated, this discussion started in Infosys bulletin board withthe simple question, "who or what is the meaning of maithili?").
One thing is clear there is nothing that can beat the nonsense and fallacious arguments. The following conversation is taken from an e-mail forwarded by my friend who was working at infosys, just to prove how imaginative are the people (on bench??), and can drag any conversation anywhere.

From: himanshudas
Conversation: What is Maithili?
Subject: What is Maithili?
Who or what is Maithili, in context of Indian literature?

From: yogesh
Subject: re: what is maithili.
Maithili is a language spoken in central bihar. It has its own literature. It has its root in the old kingdom of that area. It is similar to Hindi.

From: Subhashis Roy
Subject: what is Maithili ?
Maithili brahmins are known for their gastronome qualities !!!

From: Pranav Chandra
Subject: Mithla & Maithili
Maithili is a language which derives it's name from the region in Bihar where it is spoken, the old kingdom of Mithla. There is a reference to the area even in Ramayana- Janak( Father of Sita) was king of Mithla and has been referred to as MithlaNaresh at many places in RamCharitraManas - therefore Sita was also called Maithili.

From: Vikas Sharma
Subject: Mithla & Maithili Recently one Congress leader, in defense of Sonia, quoted that Sita was also a foreigner because Janakpuri is in Nepal.

From: Sudha Vedula
Subject: Mithla & Maithili God Shiva is also a foreigner because Mt.Kailash is in China. Buddha was also a foreigner because Lumbini(?) is in Nepal. So was Guru Nanak, because Talwandi is in Pakistan. So was Porus. So was Gandhari.....:)

From: ashokkm
Subject: Mithla
And what about Home minister Advani & Noble Prize winner Economics Dr. Amartya Sen???

From: vishnoor
Subject: Mithla
Rama was an aryan ; Germans claim to be aryans so Rama was a German; Hail Rama....

From: khandelwalh
Subject: major fallacy...
The argument is wrong.
The conclusion is fallacious

From: vishnoor
Subject: major fallacy...
After defeating ravana .... Sri Rama flew back in Ravana's pushpak vimana & This is what the Mordern Lufthansa is . It is the modern version of the older pushpaka vimana. The pushpak vimana was "driven" by hansa or swans.... The insignia of Lufthansa is also a swan... This further proves Sri Rama was a German Hail Rama .....

From: Aniljoshi
Subject: MAJOR FALLACY- Aryans/Germans
No, on the contrary it proves that Ravan was a German since it was he who owned the Pushpak Viman. The passengers could belong to any country.

From: raghavendrak
Subject: MAJOR FALLACY- Aryans/Germans
Say this to the DMK and they're gonna kick u!! according to them ravan was a dravidian and was attacked by ram as ram was an aryan. So if ram was a german, and assuming he was a 'hitlerite 'aryan, then ravan must have been a jew!!!

From: amajumder
Subject: MAJOR FALLACY- Aryans/Germans
Might be Russians too.. that explains why MK's son is called STALIN.

From: Aniljoshi
Subject: MAJOR FALLACY- Aryans/Germans So, at present we are at a point where MK's son is a Russian, implying MK is a Russian. MK is a ardent follower of Ravan who is a German Jew. Looks like the german govt running Karnataka(see our previous discussions for a proof of it) is conniving with the Russian govt at Tamilnadu (who support German) to fight the Italian Govts reps at 10 Janpath road. Some heavy international politics we have going on here. Wat's d'ya say man!!

From: ashokkm
Subject: Major fallacy/Aryans & Germans
According to maxmuller, Aryans came from Middle East. According to Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Antarctica was the home place of Aryans. And Swami Dayanand Saraswati says Aryans were originally from India b'coz the place "saptsandhav" that is described many times in their book is nothing but Doab region between Ganga & Jamuna. And One theory according Bhagwandas is that Aryans were originally from India then they went to middle east and after some time they returned back to India. So there are different theories about the origin of Aryans but recent belief is that only India was their native-land.

From: Yeshwant Dattatreya
Subject: MAJOR FALLACY- Aryans/Germans

From: Aniljoshi
Subject: Major fallacy/Aryans & Germans
Let the 'intellectuals' decide... you will know who you are soon enough.

From: Dinni Lingaraj
Subject: MAJOR FALLACY- Aryans/ Germans
It just occured that a better subject would have been "CRICKET" but his one stopped ...."Are our cricketers Aryans/Germans ?" So we got to solve this one !

From: Aniljoshi
Subject: MAJOR FALLACY- Aryans/Germans
Germans don't play cricket. So cricketers can't be germans. QED

From: Kedardesai
Subject: Proof:German's ,Jews, Aryans are Indians;
Indians invented the decimal system. Ravan(Jew) had ten heads, Ram's father(aryan + German)had ten chariots (Dash-rath) etc.Thus , the base is 10. There fore they are all Indians

From: raghavendrak
Subject: German's ,Jews, Aryans are Indians Then even monkeys are aryans!!!!!!(I think they too have 10 fingers). That's what ramayan says. So all vanars were also aryans!!!

From: Aniljoshi
Subject: German's ,Jews, Aryans are Indians
How logical!! Now I could easily prove that even Africans are Aryans. They have 10 fingers- so they are aryans. They have 10 toes on their feet - so they are aryans. Thanks for proving that all are aryans.

From: ashokkm
Subject: Aryans- H aryana
No, Only the native of Haryana are are aryans b'coz U just remove the 'H' in Haryana so it becomes aryana. Agreed or not????

From: raghavendrak
Subject: Aryans- H aryana Let me get it clear. Are u suggesting that all people in haryana are monkeys?????

From: AnandV
Subject: teachers and dravidian
B'cas only teachers (arya's) are aryans. So all software engr's are dravidians.

Subject: teachers and dravidian
Your theory only proves that Software engineers are not aryans. Therefore they can be any thing other than aryans and not only dravidians.

From: AnandV
Subject: monkeys and dravidians
My theory is first step to identify software engrs. I'm more interested in showing that software engrs are not monkeys (bcas they are not aryans) which my house owner believes!!!

From: Aniljoshi
Subject: German's ,Jews, Aryans
We sit before the monitor staring into the pixels, making faces the whole day like monkeys. And you claim that you are not in this monkey business? Beats me!!


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