Friday, April 29, 2005

- System?
Its been long time I had been thinking of writing about this incident that happened during the train journey. I was coming back from my hometown to Chennai. I was traveling in G.T. Exp. Mostly you find well educated and well mannered rich class people in AC compartment of train. The fellow sitting next to me looked a little odd man out from the rest of the people in the compartment; a high class lady fancying herself as an actress, her small daughter, a businessman who was owner of some company, a software engineer who was busy playing FreeCell on his laptop, and off course me trying to read some novel.

I had nothing to do for the next 24 hours in the train journey. I was trying to read a book but gave up soon and started observing others and trying to predict their next moves. Coming back to the fellow sitting next to me again, he looked kind of weird. His dressing was okay, but somewhere I thought he doesnt fit properly with the others present in the compartment. Though we try to judge people by merely looking at them, but my common sense told me to wait little while until that fellow opens his mouth. Since past few years I have been trying to judge people, I have known one thing; If you carefully observe the way othersspeak, I mean the things about which, the manner in which etc, you get a fair idea about that persons identity, nature, sportiveness, sense of humor and little about his intelligence and education.

Anyway, One hour passed and another fellow, with sweets in hand, came looking around for somebody. As soon as he saw fellow sitting next to me, he made a big pranam, ignoring others off-course, and said Namaskar Sirji have some sweets please, desi ghee mein banaye hain aaj subah hi ghar mein. came near, pushed others on the side sat next to him and gave him sweets. The poor fellow sitting on the edge almost fell down. This new guy was praising fellow next to me so much; I thought is he a politician, famous person or what?Finally the new guy left us after an hour and I heaved a sigh of relief. But as soon as he left, another guy comes in and the same thing happens again. As soon as he leaves, the first person comes back and when he leaves back the second comes in.

After a while the poor chap, who was sitting at the edge of berth, got up and searched another place. I had window seat so I could ignore all this and look solace outside. The businessman was irritated;he tried to stop it once or twice but failed miserably. The engineer made the mistake of asking who this great guy sitting next to me was and this fellow laughed. Laughed like a mad. The engineer was embarrassed and must be thinking about themistake he made. And this guy He he he he. I am a sr. officer in some govt. office (as if he was a big-shot). These fellows are my junior. I decide their performance. I decide their promotion. They are trying to please me, and they should. I would have liked to be served with dry-fruits, and gajar ka halwa. I just wished I should go to Tirupati once, and these guys booked a ticket for me, planned my journey, hotel stay, everything about lunch and dinner and traveling around nearby places.

NO wonder the government sector has gone bad. When you have job security, you can always run away from work without bothering about you being fired. And there are ample examples to illustrating these behaviors. Try RTO, obtaining PAN card, or voters ID card, they will make sure that you run around places many times. They are not bothered about others but only about themselves. I just hate such people who shy away from their responsibility. Such people crib about almost every thing, born critics; but will never look back, and say I should have done this or that or this might help others. They will live their complete life pretending to be someone else, always comparing others with whatever they get, always think whatever happens to them is foul.


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