Friday, April 8, 2005

Language Problems

Being in a state, where common language spoken is alien to me, sometimes I get a feeling that others are talking about me and are making a fool of myself. About few things you can make out from the gestures which they unknowingly do, and about few you can make from the voice level they are using. The problem here is that sometimes they use high pitched voice even for common terms. Making out whether they are shouting or just talking is little tougher and sometimes only their gestures give away.

Recently, I noticed two people talking little loudly and laughing uncontrollably. Unknowingly they were pointing towards me, and looking in my direction quite a few times. When it became unbearable, I went to them and asked that what they are doing, and talking about me. They coolly replied, Sir, we are not talking about you; we are talking about that funny fat lady who was actually behind me, wearing bright fluorescent dress and was having a tough time with shopkeeper; and the sight was indeed funny.The overall sight itself was funny, and in spite of not knowing anything about the language I laughed out.

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