Monday, April 11, 2005

The day started on a happier note. It had little more importance than other day because it was Sunday when you can take little more sleep in the morning without any botheration. It was a perfect summer morning with sun promising another hot day ahead. We went to "The Forum" shopping mall, which is just another couple of kilometers ahead. A rickshaw would cost less than 20 bucks, to be precise 17.50Rs.

After shopping, when we came back to take rickshaw back home, the climate had suddenly changed, the clear blue sky was replaced by thick black clouds, the warmer breeze was replaced by much colder wind, and it had started raining heavily.

As they say it is difficult to predict about whether, so is true about the fares of rickshaws in Bangalore. Their fares depend heavily on the climatic conditions; Once they know that you simply do not have any other alternative to reach home, they hike there prices to a usurious rate. One quoted 100Rs to take us back with a sinister smile. There was huge rush out-side "The Forum", waiting for rickshaw, and these guys were stuck at exorbitant rates. In 100Rs at 8.00 p.m. you can reach the other end of city.

One and half hour later in the rain, when we found one rickshaw who agreed to take us at one-and-half times the meter fare, we happily agreed. I, probably, for the first time didn't mind paying extra, given the condition of helplessness we were in.

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Sheetal said...

yeah it is really pathetic situation in bangalore.. infact everywhere... i have also tried complaining about it in police station.. but no use :(


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