Thursday, April 7, 2005

The commentary on DD is so pathetic sometimes, just they say anything whatever comes to their mind to fill up the time.
- Forget about the number of Fours he (Sehwag) has hit. Forget about sixs he has hit. Forget about the runs he has scored. Just look at his strike rate. Amazing! Nearly 200! 74 runs blasted of just 38 deliveries.When I heard this commentary during the recent ODI between India and Pakistan, I was laughing for quite some time. How can be the strike rate so high without hitting any fours or sixs?
- That ball is wide of the off stump and yes as I expected umpire has wided it. Wided???
- His (Sehwag) bat is almost breaking, because he has made it to hammer ball all over the park. I cant imagine the beating ball would have got. Anybody interested in calculating what will be the impact of bat hitting the ball which wastraveling at 140kmph, over 22 yards, and it is hit for a six.

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