Friday, April 8, 2005


Speaking of cricket again; this time it is Hamish Marshall of New Zealand. In recent test match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka, Hamish Marshall asked him [Steve Bucknor] that the play be stopped because there isn't enough light. Steve ruled negative and Hamish Marshall got out on the next ball itself. The other umpire, officiating in same match, immediately offered light to the players in the next over itself. How can light fade so suddenly in the time span of just six balls.

Earlier, in just concluded test series between India and Pakistan, during the second test in Kolkota, he ruled negative when Sachin asked him that there's no enough light and cant see the ball clearly. And almost immediately Sachin got out to a dubious decision. And just after two overs play was stopped because of bad light.

Guess Steve Bucknor should himself step down from the umpiring now. Of lately his decision making capacity has been consistently in the question.

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