Friday, April 8, 2005

April fools prank

Speaking about our item boy, the following incidence is quite hilarious. On April the 1st, I had devised a way to fool few of my friends. I sent out mail to all these people stating that "Our good friend for long, Asif is resigning from the company today in order to pursue his academic career. Please join me in wishing him good luck for the future". The mistake I did was, I CC'ed it to our item boy, Sridhar. When he checked his mailbox, he did a prompt reply-all "Good Try, Piyush is trying to fool us, I think Asif will still be around (in office & home) to haunt us for a few more months (if not few more years)".

Phew!!!! all the effort to fool others blew up in smoke within an hour itself, courtesy our own room-mate who was incidentally also involved in making this plan and forgot about it.


Sheetal said...

but i did think that it was true :) but i guess even if it is not, asif can still give us party.. i am just waiting when asif will give us first party ;-) hopefully not last :D

Sheetal said...
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