Friday, April 29, 2005

- System?
Its been long time I had been thinking of writing about this incident that happened during the train journey. I was coming back from my hometown to Chennai. I was traveling in G.T. Exp. Mostly you find well educated and well mannered rich class people in AC compartment of train. The fellow sitting next to me looked a little odd man out from the rest of the people in the compartment; a high class lady fancying herself as an actress, her small daughter, a businessman who was owner of some company, a software engineer who was busy playing FreeCell on his laptop, and off course me trying to read some novel.

I had nothing to do for the next 24 hours in the train journey. I was trying to read a book but gave up soon and started observing others and trying to predict their next moves. Coming back to the fellow sitting next to me again, he looked kind of weird. His dressing was okay, but somewhere I thought he doesnt fit properly with the others present in the compartment. Though we try to judge people by merely looking at them, but my common sense told me to wait little while until that fellow opens his mouth. Since past few years I have been trying to judge people, I have known one thing; If you carefully observe the way othersspeak, I mean the things about which, the manner in which etc, you get a fair idea about that persons identity, nature, sportiveness, sense of humor and little about his intelligence and education.

Anyway, One hour passed and another fellow, with sweets in hand, came looking around for somebody. As soon as he saw fellow sitting next to me, he made a big pranam, ignoring others off-course, and said Namaskar Sirji have some sweets please, desi ghee mein banaye hain aaj subah hi ghar mein. came near, pushed others on the side sat next to him and gave him sweets. The poor fellow sitting on the edge almost fell down. This new guy was praising fellow next to me so much; I thought is he a politician, famous person or what?Finally the new guy left us after an hour and I heaved a sigh of relief. But as soon as he left, another guy comes in and the same thing happens again. As soon as he leaves, the first person comes back and when he leaves back the second comes in.

After a while the poor chap, who was sitting at the edge of berth, got up and searched another place. I had window seat so I could ignore all this and look solace outside. The businessman was irritated;he tried to stop it once or twice but failed miserably. The engineer made the mistake of asking who this great guy sitting next to me was and this fellow laughed. Laughed like a mad. The engineer was embarrassed and must be thinking about themistake he made. And this guy He he he he. I am a sr. officer in some govt. office (as if he was a big-shot). These fellows are my junior. I decide their performance. I decide their promotion. They are trying to please me, and they should. I would have liked to be served with dry-fruits, and gajar ka halwa. I just wished I should go to Tirupati once, and these guys booked a ticket for me, planned my journey, hotel stay, everything about lunch and dinner and traveling around nearby places.

NO wonder the government sector has gone bad. When you have job security, you can always run away from work without bothering about you being fired. And there are ample examples to illustrating these behaviors. Try RTO, obtaining PAN card, or voters ID card, they will make sure that you run around places many times. They are not bothered about others but only about themselves. I just hate such people who shy away from their responsibility. Such people crib about almost every thing, born critics; but will never look back, and say I should have done this or that or this might help others. They will live their complete life pretending to be someone else, always comparing others with whatever they get, always think whatever happens to them is foul.

Babber Sher

Tum Dil mango, Dil de denge.
Tum Dil mango, Dil de denge.
(With increasing volume and energy)
Tum Dil mango, Dil de denge.
Tum Jaan mango, Jaan de denge.
Tum Dhadkan mango, Dhadkan de denke.
(Brief pause)
Ghar pe VCDs jo rakhi hain.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Five Point Someone

The book "Five Point Someone" is a good read. Though I am not sure whether it is a true story or not! The book is about three guys Hari, Ryan and Alok. They meet for the first time in the Hostel of IITD while ragging and how they went on to become best friends, their Hostel life, their adventures at IIT and their philosophy of life and about their visions. Alok is shy and fat but ready to make his point clear; Ryan is fearless and smart while Hari wants to keep everybody happy, not wanting to take anybody's side.

I found it little funny; Through the book author keeps telling us that he was just an average student a mere Five-Pointer, but in his autobiography he promptly writes that he passed out from the IIMA in next two years after IITD.

Off course I know it may not be the real story, for it is too dramatic at some points. Though one thing is true, as the book ends, author writes, "My soul lies somewhere in those walls of Kumayuon, the campus of IITD and at Sasi's". Sometimes, even I remember of those days when I used to be at hostels, bunking classes, gulping down cups of that brown liquid which they used to call tea with onion pakodas at the boat-club, and playing computer games on the network, screening movie on hostel walls with college projector, and almost everybody in the hostel sitting together through out the night to complete the endless journal assignments.

Friday, April 22, 2005

The recent train accident is another tragedy. And instead of noticing about the seriousness of the incident, it has become a political issue. The railway ministry attributed OFF-Signal as the reason for the accident. When you give a reason like the railway signal was not working and that too on a busy major track, who will not get angry? Some people attacked railway minister and RJD now needs Modi's resignation for not providing enough security. In not even a day everybody forgot about the rail-accident.

Literate or Educated?

Though we use educated and literate interchangeably, they are very different terms. I feel literate people are not necessarily educated always. While literate is only a person who can read and write, educated on the other-hand is a person who can be able to judge by his experience, is more civilized, enlightened, and well mannered and has common sense.
Just as an example, out of software engineers I have seen, few dont even know how to speak to others. Few when they take food dont even care to see if their plate is touching others or their food is spilling over their plate. Few dont even bother to drop tissue papers they use in dustbins, and few dont even have courtesy to say sorry when they accidentally spill their coffee on others and just stand there dumbstruck.
Off course they are well-literate, but I would call they are still un-educated.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Petals around A Rose.

This interesting puzzle Petals around A Rose is very simple yet sometimes difficult to someone. All you need to do is count the number of petals around the rose. It has only two basic rules to play:
#1 The name of the game tells you what the rule is.
#2 No one is EVER told what the rule is. Everyone must discover the rule for themselves.

PS: You are reminded of direction (2) so others may also win. In this game each person plays against himself/herself, not against other players.

Worth giving a try, common I know you all can solve it.
Here's the link:

Happy Meals

Yesterday, few small kids playing outside my house had following conversation.
1st: I had been to McDonalds, and I had happy meals.
2nd: What do they serve in happy meal.
1st: A pepsi, fries, some toy, and burglar.
2nd: Burglar???
1st: Yes Burglar.

Friday, April 15, 2005

PJ for the day.

If "Lara Dutta" marries "Brian Lara", Her new name will be "Lara Lara" or "Lara2".

Thursday, April 14, 2005

It is now more than six months, when Gaurav used to stay with us. Three months later when he left for Mumbai, he forgot few t-shirts at our house itself. The funny thing is our maid makes sure that she washes those t-shirts, even though no body uses them, regularly once every week.

Monday, April 11, 2005

The day started on a happier note. It had little more importance than other day because it was Sunday when you can take little more sleep in the morning without any botheration. It was a perfect summer morning with sun promising another hot day ahead. We went to "The Forum" shopping mall, which is just another couple of kilometers ahead. A rickshaw would cost less than 20 bucks, to be precise 17.50Rs.

After shopping, when we came back to take rickshaw back home, the climate had suddenly changed, the clear blue sky was replaced by thick black clouds, the warmer breeze was replaced by much colder wind, and it had started raining heavily.

As they say it is difficult to predict about whether, so is true about the fares of rickshaws in Bangalore. Their fares depend heavily on the climatic conditions; Once they know that you simply do not have any other alternative to reach home, they hike there prices to a usurious rate. One quoted 100Rs to take us back with a sinister smile. There was huge rush out-side "The Forum", waiting for rickshaw, and these guys were stuck at exorbitant rates. In 100Rs at 8.00 p.m. you can reach the other end of city.

One and half hour later in the rain, when we found one rickshaw who agreed to take us at one-and-half times the meter fare, we happily agreed. I, probably, for the first time didn't mind paying extra, given the condition of helplessness we were in.


Just other day, I bumped into one of my friend. After exchanging initial hellos, and routine questions, he suddenly asked me "Are you compski". For a minute or two, I did not realize what he was asking about. I had heard about ice-skiing, water-ski, but never about comp-ski. I asked him again, he laughed and repeated, "Are you Comp Science Grad"?

The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.
- Robert Frost

The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it.
- Franklin P. Jones

Friday, April 8, 2005

Gudi Padwa

To fellow readers,
Wish you all, good luck for the Hindu new year, which starts tommorrow.

April fools prank

Speaking about our item boy, the following incidence is quite hilarious. On April the 1st, I had devised a way to fool few of my friends. I sent out mail to all these people stating that "Our good friend for long, Asif is resigning from the company today in order to pursue his academic career. Please join me in wishing him good luck for the future". The mistake I did was, I CC'ed it to our item boy, Sridhar. When he checked his mailbox, he did a prompt reply-all "Good Try, Piyush is trying to fool us, I think Asif will still be around (in office & home) to haunt us for a few more months (if not few more years)".

Phew!!!! all the effort to fool others blew up in smoke within an hour itself, courtesy our own room-mate who was incidentally also involved in making this plan and forgot about it.


Speaking of cricket again; this time it is Hamish Marshall of New Zealand. In recent test match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka, Hamish Marshall asked him [Steve Bucknor] that the play be stopped because there isn't enough light. Steve ruled negative and Hamish Marshall got out on the next ball itself. The other umpire, officiating in same match, immediately offered light to the players in the next over itself. How can light fade so suddenly in the time span of just six balls.

Earlier, in just concluded test series between India and Pakistan, during the second test in Kolkota, he ruled negative when Sachin asked him that there's no enough light and cant see the ball clearly. And almost immediately Sachin got out to a dubious decision. And just after two overs play was stopped because of bad light.

Guess Steve Bucknor should himself step down from the umpiring now. Of lately his decision making capacity has been consistently in the question.

Language Problems

Being in a state, where common language spoken is alien to me, sometimes I get a feeling that others are talking about me and are making a fool of myself. About few things you can make out from the gestures which they unknowingly do, and about few you can make from the voice level they are using. The problem here is that sometimes they use high pitched voice even for common terms. Making out whether they are shouting or just talking is little tougher and sometimes only their gestures give away.

Recently, I noticed two people talking little loudly and laughing uncontrollably. Unknowingly they were pointing towards me, and looking in my direction quite a few times. When it became unbearable, I went to them and asked that what they are doing, and talking about me. They coolly replied, Sir, we are not talking about you; we are talking about that funny fat lady who was actually behind me, wearing bright fluorescent dress and was having a tough time with shopkeeper; and the sight was indeed funny.The overall sight itself was funny, and in spite of not knowing anything about the language I laughed out.

Thursday, April 7, 2005

PJ's for the day.

There are 2 hairs on a bald man's head. They fall in love with each other and want to get married but cannot get married due to some difficulty... Whats the difficulty ? .
Under the Indian Laws "BAL VIVAH" is illegal.....!!!!!!


What is PJ?
Okay it is Poor Joke.

What is "p + iJ"?
Confused, it is so simple. A complex joke.

Now after all these explanations, understood the joke?
The joke part was imaginary (iJ).


An elephant was in love. He was very happy. There love blossomed, but one day he realized that his girl-friend has ditched him, and married to some other elephant. So our elephant was very depressed. His friendfelt sorry for him, and took him out to a movie, then park to cheer him up. In the park they sat on see-saw. But the see-saw broke. Now, which song our hero would sing.
See-saw ho ya dil ho, aakhir toot jaata hai!!!!!!!!!


What is the height of technology??

Ankhiyon se goli maare.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Where Dhoni flourished, Saurav failed again :(. I believe, by the time he reaches his 10,000th run milestone, which is roughly 60 runs away, he will be back in good form again. Maybe he has become conscious about his batting, just like Sachin who is still chasing his 35th hundred.
The commentary on DD is so pathetic sometimes, just they say anything whatever comes to their mind to fill up the time.
- Forget about the number of Fours he (Sehwag) has hit. Forget about sixs he has hit. Forget about the runs he has scored. Just look at his strike rate. Amazing! Nearly 200! 74 runs blasted of just 38 deliveries.When I heard this commentary during the recent ODI between India and Pakistan, I was laughing for quite some time. How can be the strike rate so high without hitting any fours or sixs?
- That ball is wide of the off stump and yes as I expected umpire has wided it. Wided???
- His (Sehwag) bat is almost breaking, because he has made it to hammer ball all over the park. I cant imagine the beating ball would have got. Anybody interested in calculating what will be the impact of bat hitting the ball which wastraveling at 140kmph, over 22 yards, and it is hit for a six.


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