Wednesday, March 9, 2005

His morning blues

The day started normally without any hitches. The door bell rang, he opened the door, took the newspaper. It was quite cold and damp outside. Headline was screaming about how good the finance budget is this time. A chuckle revealed that he was pleased with the budget. Though his opinions differed on some points, but then the other relaxations in tax kind of compensated for those.He look at the watch, there was plenty of time still left before the 9.00 am scheduled meeting would start. He prepared a cup of coffee for himself; switched on the geyser; put on light music and again went back to the newspaper.
He glanced at the watch while turning a page. 30 minutes still to go before he can leave for office. He again got engrossed in the paper. Ten minutes later, he was brushing his teeths. One of his roommate got up by the time, and seeing the wash-basin pre-occupied his room-mate straight away dived in the bathroom. Before he could say anything, his roommate was enjoying a nice shower in the already hot water. And when his room-mate came out of the bathroom, there was no time left before 9 am. He cursed himself for wasting time on the newspaper, coffee, maid, his luck, and his roommate. After all he had been late for meeting on the third time in row.

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