Wednesday, March 30, 2005

As usual, correctly at 8.00 p.m. he returned back home on his shining bajaj-pulser; humming to the tune of some recent Hindi film. The passage which leads to the main entrance of house was as usual dark. He opened the door, entered into the house and turned back to close the door. Nothing funny here right, everybody does the same thing. He was just about to close the door; and thats when he saw a face, with piercing eyeshanging in the dark corridor. Initially he thought it was his imagination, he rubbed his eyes, closed and opened back his eyes again but still that face with those two piercing eyes looking straight at him was there. For the brief moment he missed his heart-beat, his hairs straightened up, and his body shivered, his mind had stopped working and fear had taken its control, in very short period of time his heartbeats had raced to record level, in short he was simply stunned and shaken. Finally with all his courage, he switched ON the lights, and saw a small girl sitting calmly on the rack kept in the corner of the dark passage, swinging to some tune in her own world. He asked her what she is doing and what she wants. Still in her own world, she looked up, and calmly asked Can I stay here in this passage for the night? He simply closed the door, and in the morning she was gone, and never been seen again.

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