Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Common Sense...

Is not so common. A few road examples to illustrate:-

- You are crossing road, the traffic light is glaring Red, and the vehicle stopped at the signal is honking perpetually.

- You are driving your vehicle at the maximum possible safe speed in the most busiest and crowded street, and vehicle behind you is honking continuously.

- You are religiously following the central traffic lane, and at the crossing a vehicle comes from your right side and suddenly turns left at the right angle in front of you. You miss the vehicle by few inches.

- A vehicle overtakes you, and immediately driver knows that he needs to call up someone and He stops in front of you.

- Rickshaw drivers; asuming that they are driving at F1; both driving at the maximum possible speed of 40 kmph: and trying to overtake each other. And you are stuck behind them.

- A pedestrian is patiently waiting to cross empty road at the zebra crossing. The moment you drive and reach zebra-crossing, he starts to cross road, with empathetic smile decorating his face, which was empty all this while.

- A rider, especially girls, riding vehicle at an alarming speed in the crowded street. Beware of these riders, They have their one hand on accelerator, other on Horn, and their legs can barely touch the ground.

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