Monday, December 26, 2005

198, Call center.

This is what it sounded when my roomie announced about his recent purchases. Yes, sometimes he acts little weird, but when he announced that he had bought "198 call center" we were bit surprised. Buying property at such rapid pace is unbelievable.
And the purchase bill read:
One Night @ Call Center, Chetan Bhagat Rs 95.

Pehchhan koan?

Any guess's?
Though this sketch is still incomplete, this is what I am sketching currently. After completion, this would undoubtedly be the longest time consuming sketch i had done so far.

Monday, December 19, 2005

The Perfect Flight

I started two hours early, anticipating traffic, from the scheduled departure time of the Indian airlines which was to take me to Pune at 11.10 amin the morning. Surprisingly in spite of office hours, the traffic on the airport road was less. With only traffic lights to stop the mighty speed of my drive, I reached well in advance to the airport. I unsuccessfully tried to search for 2 rupees change, but to my surprise the driver himself offered me remaining change which I heartily accepted. Earlier also the first driver I asked, without any hassles, had accepted to drive me to the airport.

Since I had reached well in advance there were few people at the airport. The receptionist at the counter gave me my boarding pass with a windows seat with a smiling face. Slowly as the time progressed, other passengers started showing up at the counter. The remaining time was very well spent in observing people, listening conversations and reading new paper. The sky was perfect blue, and temperature was just around the comfortable limits with warm breeze.The lazy winter mornings effects could be seen clearly, the workers were slowly going about their work, the security guard took his own time to complete pre-flight checks in midst of his morning coffee, the x-ray machine was also lazily scanning the baggages. The morning rays had lit-up the whole waiting lobby, and people were trying to shake-off good nights sleep.

When the departure was announced, I occupied my seat at the window. Few chocolates were distributed. As the last passenger boarded the plane and occupied his seat, the airplane was ready for take-off. Pilot took his own time in completing pre-flight checks and slowly released the throttle. The plane was now slowly approaching the so called tarred strip the runway. After reaching the end of runway and taking a perfect U-turn, the pilot kept increasing throttle, the plane started picking up speed and within seconds it touched 300 miles per hour. The acceleration was huge, it was clearly visible on the first-timers faces; everybody was as if glued to the back of his seats. The roar of engines kept increasing, complemented by perfect silence inside; the buildings zoomed past within fractions of a second, tires spinning faster and faster and finally the giant aircraft leaped in the air.

The clear sky offered perfect view of Bangalore city. From lazy morning to the jet speed, the flight was perfect.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Since past few days I am very busy, and often think about what I have to do tomorrow. It just happened in a flash that I didn’t even realized what I said when I got out after the cricket match that day. I said my left stump did not move; everybody looked puzzled while I realized I had to say my left leg did not move at correct position.

Google Music

Google has now added music searching facilities to their existing search engines. The flip side though is that the database is not complete currently.

Heres link to search music on google:

Monday, December 5, 2005

Post Paid.

Almost every alternate day I get a call from representatives of some of the mobile operators in the country. The conversation usually hovers around the same issue. Even though it is irritating stating them again and again that I am not interested in accepting their offer, sometimes I really wonder about them.
Every time they will come up with innovative ways to woo customers, but their offers are almost similar. Some of them are so funny that they actually make you laugh. Like this one.

Sir, Are you using post-paid mobile connection or pre-paid?
Sir in case you are using pre-paid connection we have a better offer on a post-paid connection…
I already have a post-paid connection.
Sir in case you have a pre-paid connection…
I have a post-paid connection. P O S T post P A I D paid connection.
Ohh sir, you already have a post paid connection, we have a better deal. Would you like to know about details?
I patiently make an effort to hide my displeasure, and, she in-turn assumes that I replied in affirmative. :(
She goes on, and tells me details about plan that I already have.
I already have a post-paid connection with the same plan.
Sir you already have two connections, then why can’t you take one more. Sir see we have good offer...
I do not have two connections, I already have one with the same offer.
Ohh is it Sir, then you can go again for this plan.
I got really irritated and simply hung up.

Thursday, December 1, 2005


Ever since we had moved to this our current house, for more than two years, I used to see completely dried wild shrub hanging over the entrance gate. It was completely dry. Many times I had felt that I should remove it from the place and plant a jasmine plant on its place. That day when we cleaned up our little garden, we removed all the unwanted plants but kept this one.

One day when I returned from my office in the evening, I smelt jasmine fragrance and saw few jasmine flowers lying on the entrance. I thought somebody had dropped them there by mistake and later forgot about it. Next evening when I returned again there was jasmine fragrance in the air, I thought I am dreaming about them; but the fragrance was there.

I looked up in the direction of fragrance, three leaves had appeared on that dead dried shrub, and few jasmine flowers were dancing along with the cold breeze.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I come to office on my bike. I park it in my office parking lot. There are approximately 1000 such bikes parked everyday, and I do not see many people taking out their bikes during the working hours; yet when in the evening I return to the parking lot, I always find bike parked next to my bike that is different than what was there in the morning.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

First Post

After a long time, I guess I have got time to update here. All though I had bought laptop quite some time back, this is my first post originating from it. I now have become comfortable with typing things from my laptop. Initially this was very funny, by the time I would have completed typing a single word, a slight touch of my palm would have moved the mouse cursor centimeters away.
And in the end it all looked gibberish. Anyway even now it is gibberish.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Fifty-Five Words !!

Here’s my poor attempt at writing the short fifty-five words story.

When he is trying to concentrate hard on his work ahead; this fellow in his neighbourhood with this prejudiced religious belief works hard daily morning to save it from shattering by typing furiously and chanting words (off course in mind) “Om Sairam” for thirty-five minutes ignorant of fact that it irritates our fellow beyond control.

I tag whoever reads this to write a short fifty-five word story.

P.S: Anyway now a days it has started irritating me as well. Earlier I used to hear that rhythmic sound and used to ignore it, but ever since I knew the reason behind it, It irritates. Okay you have to chant mantra or whatever daily; nobody’s stopping it, but why do it in the office disturbing others.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

On Comparisons!

I have seen people comparing all the time. Even I keep comparing, but now I am learning to avoid comparisons. I have seen people often saying that their hometown is much better than this city of Bangalore. I have seen people often cribbing about almost everything associated with this city. Like the people are not friendly, like the rickshaw drivers are not friendly, owners are corrupt, not enough hotels serving north Indian foods or even partial treatment when it comes to fights.
Little did they realize that they came to know this fact only after coming here? When they were or rather I would say when I was in my hometown it always looked like an ordinary town. The town never looked as interesting as it looks now; I was annoyed by the people, the roads, the pollution levels, traffic, signals, rickshaws etc. Has it become our habit to cry foul over everything that happens always in our surroundings? Whatever drawbacks this city has, it still offers which my own town can not offer, a good job.
Almost wherever you go, the rickshaw drivers have almost the same attitude. The road condition, politics, traffic are more or less similar. Instead of comparing always why not learn to live happily. Just enjoy stay in city as long as you are there.

Funny isn’t it

During traffic update on radio city, these days they don’t say “there is a huge traffic jam on the bannerghatta road”. Instead they now say “Bannerghatta road is living up to its reputation. Try as much as possible to avoid it.”

Friday, September 30, 2005


Finally this shining, slim, silver piece of electronics able to process data at 1.66Ghz with the help of Intel’s centrino processor, 512MB of RAM and storage space of 80GB, Double Layer DVD RW/CD RW combo, Wi-Fi connectivity and many more features, has arrived.

The flip side though is our item-boy has lost(it seems thrown away) 2 DVD’s (that act as restore disks) that came along with it.

I must say this Sony Vaio (FS640) is just superb.

Question for day.

Though might be a poor attempt, but here it is:
When 'sam' sings, what would you say?

Rubbish Questions

During past two days I was in “The Leela Palace” for training on Freescale processors. The training was good, and was conducted in completely different manner from what we used to have in colleges. And the starters and desserts in Leela are awesome. Anyway that’s not the point of this post.
People have habit of asking questions, obviously everybody is allowed to. It looked entirely different for me, for somebody to get up and ask a question immediately the moment instructor had pronounced a new word and taught a new topic. I had to wonder whether I am understanding whatever was taught or not as it used took me some time to process whatever the instructor had said and form a coherent meaning. And by that time (until I understand whatever was said) this fellow had already delivered his question and instructor is preparing for his solution. Now before I could focus on instructors answer, I had to decipher the question quickly.
And I realized most of the time the questions asked, you can classify then as ridiculous and asked without giving any thoughts. Few of them were really genuine but then they were in huge minority. I wonder whether people ask questions (which you can classify as rubbish) before they think over what was said or just to show-off that they understand quickly.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Google Earth

By now, everybody would have known about it. If you still don't know, Google Earth is mapping images of earth as viewed from the universe and it puts it right on your desktop. Yesterday they have mapped Bangalore, and here's a snap of my house as viewed from 3576 feet above sea level.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


If everything goes well, within a week or two, I may be a proud owner of this sleek shining white piece of electronics. At 1.73Ghz of processing power, 512MB RAM, 80GB of Disk Space, and 15" of bright rich color wide-screen display, this machine (Sony Vaio FS640) is awesome.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Mobiles go cheaper.

This incident is quite similar to Airtel’s recent ads that run on TV these days.
We were sitting in the Hotel lobby waiting for someone to arrive. Within few minutes, a phone, with the typical Nokia tune, starts ringing. Me and my fiends check up our cell-phones but the ringing continues (obviously it is not our phone). The waiter serving at the nearest table checks up his cell-phone to find out that it wasn’t his cell-phone either. Lastly the guy, who was sweeping the floors till now, takes out a small shining object from his pocket, punches a button (The ringing stops at this point), balances the shining object between his ears and shoulder and starts conversation “Hello, HaanJi kahiye…”.

All we could do was to stare in amazement. The cell phone is no longer a symbol of status.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Ganapati Bappa Morya..

Till now, I have been used to seeing people carrying idol of lord Ganesh to their homes. Some arrange for processions from the shop to their homes accompanied with music, mainly consisting drums.

This time, instead of just being a plain watcher to these rituals, we, Dishawasi’s, have brought lord Ganesha idol at our house in a quite ceremony. May god bless all and ignore our shortcomings in puja’s if any.

Monday, August 29, 2005

After long time…

Yesterday one of friend called me up. It was nice to hear from someone after a long gap. He studied with me while I was doing my diploma. He called up on my mobile.

“Is it Piyush”.
“Haan, bol raha hun, kahiye”. Actually I had recognized him.
“Mujhe Piyush se baat karni hain”.
“Haan main Piyush bol raha hoon”.
“Nahi, mujhe piyush sarode se baat karni hain”.
Again, “Haan main Piyush hi bol raha hoon, kahiye”.

I had never thought that someday I would have to convince somebody, that it’s indeed me on the other end of cell-phone they are talking to.

Funny isn't it.

Just yesterday, this guy walks up and asks my colleague,
“Have your appraisals got over.”
Politely, “No. Not yet.”
“So when is it”
Even more politely, “Sir actually, you are the one who have to take it”
“Oh is it. I will check it up and schedule it”.

And all this while we were thinking about our appraisals.

Note: No harm or malicious intent in this article. Actually we are working with so many people, that nobody knows completely what we are doing or who we are reporting to.

My first bike crash.

Just as an expedition, on 15th August, We set out for a long drive. At one place we were climbing downhill and came across this blind sharp turn. There was no notice put up, nor the road was wide, nor the road was in level with the ground (It was in fact almost half feet above ground level). So while negotiating that turn, I ran little wider than the road and skidded. I was lying down, with the bike on my right leg, and trying to analyze the possible loss that had occurred (off course with respect to injuries). Nothing much but a bruised ankle and palm. Anyway that’s not the point of the post.

Coming back, while I was lying down one fellow came around. He was almost standing over me and showing something which was broken and had mischievous smile. I was trying to do a pattern matching to find out what was broken from my bike. He shook his head, smiled and said “this is the broken side view mirror of my bike”.
“Can you please…”
“I too had slipped at the same spot”
“That’s fine. Can yo…”
“My friend had also slipped here.”
This time determined not to get interrupted I tried again “That’s fine but can you move bike out of my leg?”
He surveyed me, and said “Nice bike, looks solid, how much CC?”
I almost “#$%$#^$”
“How much’s the weight?”
By now, I had lost whatever hopes I had that this guy might move the bike and my friends had also parked their bikes and had come for rescue. Some people are more than happy when they see that others have fallen at the same place where they had once. And instead of helping they get a sadistic pleasure by telling their own stories when somebody else is asking for help.

But I must say, Pulsar is a nice bike in spite of the high speed skid and bike on my leg, all I got was a minor bruise.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Success is always in the mind. Unless you stop worrying about defeat and keep trying, success will always elude you.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Trek Photos

Ajit has uploaded his snaps here.

Update:Few of my photos can be seen here.

Lateral Thinking - 1

A Question on lateral thinking. No No... it's definitely not mine somebody actually forwarded it to me.

Any Answers ??

Thursday, August 4, 2005


A Trek to "Valley Of Flowers" and "Hemkund Sahib".

21st July, 2005.
When we (Manoj and me) reached Dehradun, Ajit, Devendra and Shantanu were already waiting to receive us at the main entrance or exit of the railway station. Previously, we had boarded the Delhi-bound flight from Bangalore in the early hours of the 15th morning in the month of July 2005, and then later in the evening Dehradun bound Shatabdi Express from New-Delhi railway station. The ticket collector at the railway station thought that we had come for joining IMA (Indian Military Academy), Dehradun. It was nice to see Ajit, Devendra and Shantanu there; waiting to receive us. They had already booked a hotel for us. To be precise, Hotel Medows but later it turned out to be Hotel Medoo. Early morning, next day, we had to start for trek. Tiredness engulfed us and after eating something from the road-side eatery, we went to sleep, without bothering at the room-condition.
When we are again back at the Dehradun station, this time for a change at the ISBT (Inter State Bus Terminal), for catching our respective buses, I clearly remember each and every moment of the five days we spent together trekking in Himalayan Mountain ranges. The fun we had and the experiences, the landslides, the huge mountains, infinite river streams, Ganges, and climbing over last landslide to cross it. Ajit and Devendra were going back to Bangalore, Manoj to Delhi, Shantanu to Goa and I was going to Chandigarh. We all met at Dehradun, continued our journey together and at Dehradun again split for different directions.

16th July, 2005.
- The day of Travel.
As we reached Dehradun, we were very tired and we immediately eat something from the roadside restaurant, and went to sleep without bothering for the room-condition; which in anyway was not good. We were to leave the place in early morning at 6.00 a.m. We woke-up with the start at 5.30 a.m. and got ready for the journey ahead. We were to reach JoshiMath by the end of day, which is about 300km away. Mr. Madhwal, our tour-guide, had already arrived and was waiting for us. He wanted to leave this place Dehradun as early as possible and reach JoshiMath as early as possible. Since we were to travel only 300 km in a day, I was fairly confident that we would reach by end of day. Finally at 6.15 a.m. the travel to JoshiMath started. On the way we reached BadriNath, saw the huge river Ganges, the Laxman Bridge, the Ram Bridge etc. Through out the complete journey on one side we had high mountains and on the other side a deep valley with a river flowing through it. The complete journey was scenic. I wanted to stop at places to take few snaps, but Mr. Madhwal was adamant that we should not stop and he ensured that we did not stop until the 1.00pm (Or 2.00 pm?) for lunch, without any tea or breakfast break. He was hurrying at the things, and I consistently failed to understand why (until our return journey)? As we climbed higher and higher, the visibility started fading, but still the view was stunning. The driver of the four-wheeler sumo spacio, in which we were traveling, was very confident of his driving skills and he did not wanted to miss any opportunity to show them like driving at the high speeds, taking blind turns almost at the blinding speeds. And to further complicate the matter Mr. Madhwal was eager that we reach JoshiMath as early as possible. We had unsuccessfully asked him to slow down, but little did we know that only a punctured tire can slow him down, which eventually did. We reached JoshiMath at around 4.00-4.30 pm, which is also the abode of shankaracharya. We purchased few things at the local market and went to sleep early (preparations for the trek ahead?).

17th July, 2005.
- First view of the mountains ahead.
When my sleep broke at around 5.30-6am, next day, I was expecting darkness around, but instead it was completely bright outside as if I had woken around 8.00 am. The sun rises early in the mountains. A mountain in the shape of elephant, complete with trunk ears and folded legs, was looking at us through windows. In the evening when we had reached the place it was almost completely covered with clouds blocking the surrounding view. For the first time, I could see the vast height of Himalayan Mountains. We started around 8.00am for “Govindghat” and reached at around 9.00am. On the way we had seen places where landslide had happened recently. The actual trek starts from “Govindghat” which is 22km from JoshiMath. After crossing the suspension bridge on the river Alaknanda, a 13km climb brings one to a small village “Govind Dham” or “Ghangaria”. This route for the most part is along the river “Bhyundar Ganga” and passes through forests, along the waterfall, wild flowers and beautiful landscapes. The deep chasms and high mountains along with river stream flowing below and pockets of clouds covering the most part of the top create a stunning view. The last 3 km stretch is very steep, and will take more than an hour to climb. At the end you reach around 3000 meters above sea-level.

18th July, 2005.
- Valley Of Flowers.
Since camping inside the Valley Of Flowers is prohibited, Ghangaria is the logical base camp. After Ghangaria, the trek bifurcates into two routes, one leading to Valley of Flowers and another to Hemkund Sahib. We reached Ghangaria, which is around 3000 meters above sea-level, in the evening previous day. The clouds were so thick here that the visibility was limited to few 100 meters ahead. Next morning when we woke up, the view outside our dorm was stunning. It was hidden in the previous night, but in the morning when sun had come out and clouds were not there and we saw a distant peak covered with the snow. This was the first time I had seen a snow covered peak in real life. After taking sufficient pictures, we started off for VoF. Mr. Chauhan had joined us here as a guide. Huge majestic mountain peaks surround the valley on either side. The Pushpavati River, emerging from the glacier deposits, cuts through the valley and divides it into two sectors. Many streams flow through the valley and they finally merge with the river pushpavati, which later on becomes the river Ganges. While exploring the valley at few places these streams are to be crossed on log bridges and at some places thick glaciers. The VoF is approx. 8kms in length and 2kms in width. The valley is almost carpeted with the flowers, few of them we saw are Himalayan Blue poppy (Japanese people loves it very much we were told), varieties of primula, potentillas, geraniums, thymus, wild roses.
At 11,000 feet’s, it wasn’t that cold as I had expected. Maybe continuous walking over the hills had generated enough heat in the body. While wandering through the valley, we come across the grave of Joan Margaret Legge, a botanist from London, who had come to the valley in 1939 for study and while collecting specimen she fell to her death. A memorial erected in her memory reads “I will lift my eyes unto the hills from whence commeth my help”. Any valley visitor visits the memorial. The Valley of Flowers is absolutely gorgeous. It is very calm, and very few people except botanists visit here leaving the nature clean and undamaged. We spent some time and then it was time to return to the base camp again.

19th July, 2005.
- Hemkund Sahib.
We got up lazily on the next day morning. Probably the previous three days of trekking and warmness of the blankets had taken over the body for some time. At around 8.00am we came to know that Mr Madhwal would not be joining us today to the Hemkund sahib. In one way it was good for us that we could take as much time as we need while climbing up, climbing down and at the top with full freedom. After a heavy breakfast around 9.30am, we all minus our guide started for the trek ahead. Hemkund sahib is 6.5kms from Govind Dham or Ghangaria and the climb is roughly 6000feets.
The weather was cold and damp today with visibility reduced to few feet’s. The climb is quite steep one. Until now the trek was quite easy and sometimes I wondered whether trekking is so easy? One thing that was good that we were able to climb at the comfortable speed consistently, though we had to stop for couple of minutes after few feet’s for regaining our lost breath. Heart beat has raced in the range of 120 to 130. When we had reached at the largest glacier we had ever seen, we stopped for photographs. Manoj had taken out his tripod, and we were mounting Shantanu’s or Devendra’s camera. Looking at us setting up camera on tripod, the people asked us whether we are from Doordarshan or preparing any documentary for Doordarshan. Crossing this glacier was much more difficult than the three we had crossed on previous day in Valley of Flowers, for the slope of this glacier was very steep, and with people constantly crossing it, it had become slippery. After crossing the glacier, the last two kilometers are very tough. Though stones are laid all over the places to resemble like staircase, because of damp weather it had become little slippery and we were little tired also for the first time.
When we reached the top, we could barely see beyond few feet’s. At first I thought I have climbed at the top of a mountain, but to my dismay when the clouds cleared for few minutes I came to know that the peak is still as high as I have climbed and before we could have a good look around the place, clouds were back. At 16,000 feets, Hemkund Sahib is surrounded by snow clad mountains (seven they say, but most of the time all were covered up by clouds) and is fed by glaciers from Hari Parvat and Saptrishi. It is said that Guru Govind Singh, the tenth guru of Sikhs, and Lakshman, brother of Lord Ram, have performed their tapa on the banks of Hemkund. The name Hemkund has come from Him-kund, meaning icy-lake. The water in the lake comes from the melting glaciers. And as a custom, you have to take a dip in the near-freezing (actually just above the freezing point of water) kund before entering the Gurudwara, and Lakshman temple. We decided to deep our feet and hands. As soon as I dipped my feet in the lake, the sudden realization of the coldness hot me, instantly the body heat has been lost, and the sensation lost all in less than a 5 seconds. There are no words to describe it. After I came out, the rush of blood, and even the winds were causing pains as if somebody is piercing through your feet. When the clouds cleared for the brief moment, we got a view of hills surrounding the lake from three sides and the glaciers covering them and feeding melting waters to the lake, took few snaps. Seeing few Sikhs taking a complete dip from head to toe was enough to send a sensation of coldness through the body. We entered Gurudwara and bowed to the Granthsahib. Prayed at the laxman temple and had Prasad in the form of hot Khichadi and Tea served at Gurudwara. That was around 2.00pm and then started our descent.
The climbing down was equally tough challenge. I felt it even more difficult than climbing up, and to add to the difficulties slight drizzle made the whole terrain even more slippery. Crossing the glacier was even more difficult than the first time. We reached Ghangaria around 5.00pm. Ajit and Shantanu had already reached, we spent evening inside the dorm, chatting and laughing at the jokes cracked. I felt little sad at the prospect that trek had come to an end and tomorrow would be the final adventure of returning to Dehradun and leaving back. But little did we know what future has to offer on the final day and making it the most unforgettable day of the life.

20th July, 2005.
- The Longest Day of my Life.
We had to cover 13kms on foot and then another around 300km on sumo to reach Dehradun by the evening. It was the time to wind-up the trek and we started as early as 6.00am towards the “Govind Ghat”. This 13km stretch is relatively easy. We reached Govind Ghat as per our estimated time. Thus our ~50 km trek came to an end. From Govind Ghat, we were to take Sumo till Dehradun but unfortunately not many were willing to go. Finally Mr. Madhwal decided that we go to Hrishikesh, and from there take another taxi till Dehradun. Everything was going smoothly until we reached Srinagar. At SriNagar, we heard that a land slide has happened on the way ahead but it could be cleared as we reach the spot. After a late lunch we continued ahead. As said rightly, we came across debris of rocks and fallen scree. It was cleared, but after continuing for another 10kms or so our Sumo halted abruptly. When I looked out I could see an end-less queue of waiting taxis and buses. After preliminary enquiry we came to know that a landslide has happened ahead which had caused traffic to stop. I got down, and continued moving ahead to have a closer look and take few snaps. After crossing few hundred meters, I came across a notice board announcing you are entering danger zone, look around and keep moving don’t stop. I have heard that landslides are frequent in these area, that’s because the Himalayas, especially the Garhwal Himalayas, is one of the most deforested mountain ranges in the world. There is hardly any major tree cover to hold the soil firmly. Still the queue continued, after crossing another few hundred meters, a huge gathering stopped me in the tracks. On the way to this spot, I had passed groups of people who had spread their sheets on the road and were calmly playing cards, some were chatting, some were sleeping in the calmness. As if there is no other thing to do in life. And nobody seemed to be in any hurry to move forward, after enquiring I came to know that they were stuck since past 6 hours. I crossed them and continued ahead and saw a lone earth mover trying to clear what it looked like a piece of mountain itself, as the road didn’t exist before and it was trying to create it. Took few photos, then suddenly earth mover abandoned its work and came out and parked besides me. In few minutes I saw small amount of loose mud coming down. Then it stopped. Still nobody dared to go ahead. People were saying that it might start again. And sure enough after few minutes of wait, the soil started coming down again. This time it persisted for little longer time. On the other side of the road, straight down at approximately steep 80 degrees slope, 2000 feets below was the river Alaknanda flowing in its fiercest form. Some of its way was blocked by the landslide. It started again after few minutes, I wanted to shoot the landslide, but somehow I was engrossed in observing it completely. This time it started with a small flow of loose soil and then suddenly a big boulder came down and within three jumps on the slope and barely 5 seconds it was came to rest in the river below. I was too stunned, and for the first time I realized the height of the mountains and utter helplessness and being stuck there made matters worse. I just wanted to get passed all these and rest on the terra firma. The slide continued and as it progressed, huge chunks of mud, rocks and few trees started coming down. Looking at the slide, there was no way it could be cleared in next 24 hours. I saw people loosing patience and few started climbing on the mountains and crossing over the landslide. I laughed at the idea, and I made a fool of them. It was very steep, and you are over 2000 feet above valley, there is hardly any tree cover and if you slip there is nothing to stop you except the river flowing below. It was a sure way of death, no stopping. I returned back to the place where our taxi was. Met others and it cheered up a bit. After waiting for an hour or so, and seeing many people crossing over the landslide by climbing the mountains, we all decided to follow the same route. Though I was reluctant to the idea, but there was no other way than wait for another couple of days for sure. We started climb, the initial few meters were perfectly okay. It was along the terrace farming which people employ in the hills. There was a small walkway also. But after another few meters the walkway disappeared, and only the sights of mountain came to view. The land was steep, the soil was loose, and just a little bending over the right hand side showed the river flowing almost vertically down. For the first time I repented the decision of coming this way, and I think everybody was thinking the same. There was hardly any way to turn around either. I just thought of how I can keep my next feet safely. There was nothing for grip, there was hardly anything for support only thing that was available in good amount was wild grass. I nearly slipped at one place, but Shantanu or somebody else who was behind me extended his hand for support. After crossing halfway, we heard the land sliding few meters below us. I could feel the land slide. I didn’t care if I contribute to another landslide I just wanted to get out. Hidden reserves of strength had given remarkably enough calmness and I kept moving ahead without even bothering to see neither what I was climbing over nor what I am up against. When we reached the other side, I still feel how relaxed I was. The joy of getting safely on the other side in one piece was indescribable. Throughout the ~3km climb over the landslide and 1.5hours which seemed like an eternity, I could think of only one thing “How could I keep my next foot safely”, there were no thoughts other than survival. When I looked back it had become dark to realize how much land than came down. But there were distant sounds of land still sliding down and rocks falling in the river.

Thus we ended our trek. Now if I look back, it wasn’t that difficult, if only we didn’t had those big backpacks on our backs. The rest of the journey passed without any hitch. We reached Dehradun. Ajit, Shantanu, Devendra and Manoj started for Delhi and I for Chandigarh.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Bits and Pieces.

Chandigarh is the best planned city I have ever seen. You are not allowed to build your house anywhere, and in any shape as you wanted in Chandigarh. However you can only build your house in accordance with the plan approved by Chandigarh Govt. Since all houses are similar, anywhere you go in the city, you feel you are in the same colony.Also, you can not even open a shop, not even a phone booth in the residential layout, which prevents from the traffic blocks that might occur because of vehicle parking on road near shops.


My friend was driving his scooter in Chandigarh at speed well above 45-50Kmph, yet he told me that today we are stuck in traffic; otherwise, we could have touched even higher mark.


At Dehradun Railway station, the Ticket collector mistook us as students came there to join IMA. Later when we started trek, Devendra believed that I resembles like Punjabi, and thats why other Punjabi people are so friendly with me. At the crossing of the fourth and biggest glacier on our way to Hemkund sahib, when we were setting tripod for taking pictures, the fellow trekkers or people, mistook us for Media persons; One even went further and asked whether I am making a documentary. In the Chandigarh rock garden, where I took snaps at almost all places, other visitors thought that I am some journalist and taking snaps for an article in some magazine.


On our way to trek, we found only girls begging for money, probably all boys are made to work around mountains, horses, gather food, or gather Woodstock for burning fire.


The mountain cows are half the size of normal cows, and they can climb quite steep surfaces easily. While showing a photograph, I told Manoj that look this is the place where the Black Deer hibernates when it snows outside; while actually it was Black Bear and not Deer.


At Hemkund Sahib, we have to take a dip in the pond, at near freezing temperatures, just outside gurudwara, before entering it. The water that comes into the pond is in fact melted glaciers at the Himalayas, and you can see some ice on the farther side of the pond. We didnt dare to take a dip, but however we decided to dip our feet and take a snap as a remembrance. When Devendra dipped his feet, he kept uttering wahe guru as follows (read the next sentence in the increasing order of speed and volume) Waaaheee guuuruu, waahe guru, wahe gure, abe kadh na photo lavkar (take the snap quickly).


The New Delhi railway station is the worst station I have seen in my life. I had presumptions that at-least the platform number 1 would be good, but no, even the entrance gate was all coloured with spits of betel-leafs. Needless to say about platform, people were spitting at all places ignoring whether it lands on somebody or platform.


Monday, July 11, 2005

Valley Of Flowers

Since long time, I had wanted to go for a trek in Himalayas. Last month, when Ajit proposed this trek to "Valley of Flowers", an opportunity had come and I had taken care not to miss it. Though it is not exactly in the Himalayas, but it is at the foothills of Himalayan mountain ranges. The estimated five day trek starts from 16th July till 20th July. I am leaving from Bangalore on 15th July and will be back on 24th July.

The Valley OF Flowers is situated in the upper expanses of Bhyundar Ganga in the far interior of Garhwal Himalayas and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and carpeted with over 500 species of flowers and is spread over an area of 87.5 Sq. km. and is 3,250 meters to 6,750 meters above mean sea level. The valley is open only in summers between june and October, being covered by heavy snow during the rest of the year it remains mostly inaccessible.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Another year!

Another year passed. Today is the day, exactly three years ago, I had left the graduation school and joined this profession; the world of corporate, huge companies, huge stakes. As I ponder upon my career so far, it has always been good, luck has never deserted so far, and no opportunities missed. There were few ups and downs, but those are always there; Isn't it? I started my work in core software, with the development of in-house operating system, and now over the last year or so, moved into the field, embedded systems and, device drivers.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tag 'em

The most effective way of extracting a post (or embarrassing) is to put a tag on him. I was running away all this while from this tag business, but when Ajit has tagged me this post, its my turn to tag few.

Total Number of books I own:
Never bothered to count them (though when I was in the hostels I used to count them once in a while just to know the number books i have lost). Must be more than hundred.

Last Book I brought:
The Green Mile by Stephen King.

Last book I read:
The Lost World by Michael Crichton. This was on my reading list for a long time. Though I havent seen the movie but the details with which this book is written, I can imagine all scenes.

Five books that influenced me a lot:
May not be a unique list, but still...
- Surely youre joking Mr. Feynman:
A totally different approach to tell your autobiography; The book mainly comprises of anecdotes. But still it manages to covey how you could be curious character and a physicist at the same time. How you can learn things more effectively by experimenting rather by learning theory.

- Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach:
Tells the story of how you can pursue and achieve your dream, become perfectionist. In the process the very people living together can become against you. The joy is in sharing and not keeping secret what you know.

- The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho:
A fable about following your dream. "when you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true". This is the core of the novel's philosophy and a motif that echoes behind Coelho's writing all through "The Alchemist". And isn't it true that the whole of humankind desperately wants to believe the old king when he says that the greatest lie in the world is that at some point we lose the ability to control our lives, and become the pawns of fate.

- Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson:
I hope to own the entire collection someday

- The Road Less Traveled: - M. Scott Peck

There are few more which I had liked at various times, "Harry Potter" and "The Lord of the Rings" for the sheer imagination, "Jeffery Archer" and "John Grishm" for the story telling, "The Godfather" by Mario Puzzo, "Sherlock Holmes" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, "The Da Vinci Code", "Malgudi Days" and few others. I will update this list as i keep remembering.

Tag few(five) people and make them do this:

Need a Break?

Abhishek Bachchcan would be the one guy who would be saying "I need a break" too often. Earlier when his movies used to bomb at the box-office for more movies, and now when he is seen in almost every alternate big-budget movie for a break from hectic schedule.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Short Story - Justice

When the courts opened today, many were eagerly awaiting the results. Few had already guessed of what would be the possible out-come. His family was also around for the results. At 9.00 a.m. sharp court opened. Everybody, present in the court to witness the end of bitter trial that was fought fiercely, was busy discussing about the probable outcome. However to few it was clear as to who would go on to win. Normally tensed lawyers were also casual and chatting jubilantly. However there was little tension, curiosity and eagerness.

Finally the preceding judge arrived and everybody took their place. The vociferous court room suddenly became silent. The judge looked at his papers and ordered that he should be brought in the witness box from the prison. The supervising officer looked at his subordinate they exchanged glances, had little conversation as to who would step forward and break the news. Finally officer went up to the judges place and spoke something in his ears. The judge shook his face as if he could not believe the news but then he< could not do much. Slight flutter and enquiring glances were exchanged amongst those present in the court-room.

As the officer got back to his place judge looked up, composed his face, knowing everybody was eager to know this new latest development, spoke finally. "As we come to close of this fiery trial, I have mixed feelings. I am glad that this trial came to an end, but then it had taken long time to complete, Perhaps the longest. I acquit him of all charges, under the circumstances he did what anybody could have done best. It was wrong that he was charged for.... but that doesn't matter now". There was huge uproar amongst his supporters. The judge silenced them and continued "However, as I said, the court has taken perhaps too long a time to come to an end, and with a heavy heart and deepest feelings, though I hate to say all this, He had cardiac attack and in spite of all medical attention, he passed away few minutes back, I request you all to please maintain silence for a minute to pay respect and homage to the departed soul".

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple computes and pixar animation studios, delivered this fine speech to the students of Stanford University at their commencement ceremony. Read it. It is really wonderful.


Smart Kids

I was on the railway station, waiting for the train to come. The train was little late or rather I had reached the station early. Sometimes sitting alone on the station without anybody for company or for a casual chat becomes boring. So to spend time, I have this peculiar habit of putting my thoughts together and predicting the probable next moves of people around. Though I never had much success, but certainly it gives a different angle or view of thinking. I then start thinking on the lines of the fellow under my observation, and to my surprise, few times the fellow really does what I had thought. There is so much to learn, and so much to understand.
The thing I wanted to write about was while I was waiting for the train, there were two kids, mostly in first standard or so, waiting for some train. I felt how dumb I was when I was a kid. I could not even pronounce English and these kids were talking fluent English. One peddler selling balloons, flute, toys etc, was playing and showcasing things he had to these kids in a hope that they will be tempted and he would be able to make some sale. But one of the kids told him "Bhayya aage jaao, yahaan pe koi kuchh nahi kharidega", and after he had left, the other kid told his parents "We have driven that peddler away; he was trying to sell his goods to us". That was little odd behavior as normally I had seen kids demanding whatever they see, and if you dont buy it they start with their potent weapon, crying.

Jack Kilby

Jack Kilby
Originally uploaded by piyushs.
Jack St. Clair Kilby, the inventor of monolithic integrated circuit, passed away on June 20, 2005, in Dallas following a brief battle with cancer. There are few men whose insights and professional accomplishments have changed the world. Jack Kilby is one of these men. His invention of the monolithic integrated circuit - the microchip - some 45 years ago at Texas Instruments (TI) laid the conceptual and technical foundation for the entire field of modern microelectronics. It was this breakthrough that made possible the sophisticated high-speed computers and large-capacity semiconductor memories of today's information age.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Acheivement (via Mail Forward)
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New Phone

Nokia 3230
I had decided to change the mobile phone and came out with this: New Nokia 3230.
The main features I was looking were
- FM Receiver (Not that I use itregularly, but just in case I am bored off)
- A big and wide screen (I am a fan of larger displays, they just give a wonderful feeling)
- Good battery life (Nokia always satisfied this condition)
Apart from these few other considerations included polyphonic ring tones, medium budget, loud speaker, and off-course the ability to make and receive calls.

For a list of phone features read,6771,65363,00.html

Somehow I need to learn resisting temptations, the bills are shooting up really high.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Phone Usage

Today my cell-phone showed me that it has reached 100 hour mark for making calls. Not that it stops the phone from working, thats a whopping 18,000 rupees I have spent on calling till now.


Yesterday certainly will be one of the most remembered days of my life. The electricity power to our house was cut due to non-payment of bills over past few months. Since I was busy in all day meetings, I asked my roomies to get it restored. The silliest, lame, pathetic, and the most irritating excuse I received was I have to read important mails hence I won't be able to do it today.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan....

The mega polis of Mumbai holds many a challenge for the 'rookie' who lands here unaware of the hurdles and challenges that he or she might have to face.

Our hero, a man from Pune, wanted to go to Matunga, but as luck and trains would have it, boarded a fast local in his first attempt itself. He was very happy that he defied all those who had suggested that boarding a local in Mumbai is a big task. But what he failed to understand in his ebullience to board a fast local and prove his point was the train he boarded does not halt at his destination. He panicked on realizing his mistake but by then the local had started moving.

On seeing his plight, a sympathetic co-passenger decided to come to his rescue. It seemed that he had been commuting by that particular train (6:03 pm Kasara Fast) for the past 6 years and had noticed that the train always slowed down just before Matunga station and crawled at a snail's pace while passing through it. He told the man to jump out of the running train as it slowed down and that with a little bit of fleet-footedness, he would make it safely on terra firma.

However, knowing the man's inexperience, he added some words of caution:
"Keep running the moment you jump or you'll fall. Just keep running." He stressed the word "running" lest the man not know the laws of motion.

The train did slow down just before Matunga station and at the prompting of his mentor, our hero jumped out of the train and started running as if all hell had broken loose. What he didn't realize, of course, was that he was running parallel to the train instead of running away from it.

Meanwhile, the train slowed down further, so that the man was running faster than the train. In the process, he reached the door of the next compartment and the footboard commuters there pulled him in thinking he was trying to board the train! To! His agony, the train picked up speed and sped past Matunga and his new co-passengers started to congratulate him on how lucky he had been, until he told them that they had actually undone what he had done with great difficulty.

Those standing at the door of his "ex-compartment" had witnessed the whole drama and just couldn't stop laughing at the poor man's situation, while he grinned sheepishly.

Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan....

(via Prafull Deshpande)

Evenings these days

Ever since my roomie got his laptop our daily evenings are packed with action. As soon as I reach home from the office, somebody would have already started it. In the initial days racing on the F1 track along with the likes of Michael Schumacher, Kimi Raikonnen, and Alonso gripped us. Even if you are not able to keep your car going on the track at high speeds, you can generate some entertainment by running into opponents cars and making them flying into pieces. And after winning three straight championships, the last one with the Minardi, we gave up.

Then came the Age of Kings and Age of Conquerors and since then everybody has become an emperor. The fever gripped so much for the few days that our rooms changed into town center, puja-room into monastery, objects in the rooms intounits, music system and television into siege weapons, entering into anothers room was invading others territory.

Somewhere deep down in our mind lays a feeling to win, a feeling to prove your point. So what if you can not race in the real world, the games give you that freedom to prove, some satisfaction by bashing up others. The evenings could not get better than this.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


The alarm clock, which I had kept adjacent to my bed, started ringing. I was fast asleep, dreaming something and this ringing filled up a part of the dream. I wasn't bothered for it was only a dream. When it kept ringing persistently, I realized that the dream can not hang like a computer and keep executing continuously in a loop, and that it was indeed my alarm clock that was ringing.

Reluctantly I gave up the warmth of my bed, and got up. Though I wasn't very happy, but I wasn't sad either. I would have preferred sleeping as long as I wished, if it wasn't a question of earning bread and butter. After getting fresh, I walked out of my house about half hour earlier than the usual time of 7.00a.m, when you have to run frantically towards the bus-stop to catch bus at the last minute. The sun was just rising in the east and calm and cool breeze flowing through the trees had already awakened birds. I wondered if I had seen any of these birds in the past two or three years after I had left my college and joined this job as an assistant manager. It felt much better than the regular days, I had witnessed the rising of sun, chirping of birds, cool and fresh breeze which has become rare commodity now. The relatively deserted road, which I cursed daily for its small width would be crowded in the next few minutes, looked much wider and even. And together with the fragrance of mogra, jasmine and covered almost completely by gul-mohar trees on either sides, which had just blossomed was an amazing sight. I wondered how can I pass through the same street daily and yet never ever see the beauty of it?

The alarm rang again. I paused to check my wrist watch and then I jumped in the surprise, for it was already 6.45a.m and I was still in my bed, hoping not to miss again the 7.00a.m bus.

Why Not??

We all know, if x2 = y2 then taking square root on both sides, we get x = y.
Similarly if Rs 1 = 100 paisa, then taking square root on both sides, why not Rs 1 = 10 paisa.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Cricket Fever.

I started playing cricket on the week-ends and it started with a bang. I had gathered a group of 10-16 techies, who had similar passion to gulli cricket as mine, and we continued to dominate the BTM cricket ground by our presence for over three straight months. We had some moments of our glory. No No, not worth any international standard, for that matter not even worth any district level, but the fun we had after shattering fellow's stumps to the ground or hitting somebody for consecutive boundaries, and pulling ones leg after he had bowled a marathon 16-ball over giving away 30-odd runs to the opponent team, was amazing. The fights we had over run-outs and no-balls. It started just like that, and this week it looks like it will also stop just like that, without any reason.

A Love Story.

Ajit writes a story and then he takes it all together to a different world. I am sure you would end up laughing at the end, just like me.

Friday, May 13, 2005


The good old file "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge" will create history in the indian cinema today, when its show will be screened in the Maratha Mandir theatre mumbai for the straight 500th week; where it has been running everyday since its release.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


When I saw this sign somewhere in Tirupati "beware of luggage", my mind mulled over the popular version "beware of dogs" signifying caution against upcoming danger, I stopped in my tracks and wondered whether my luggage would suddenly transform into a lion or scary ghost.
Finally I concluded, even this phrase is correct. With so many people and similar bags around, it is possible to forget our own bag and carry somebody elses bag. And that definitely would be a sign of upcoming calamity.

Friday, May 6, 2005


He was thrilled that he is joining something which is new, which will help him understand new things, newer concepts, newer techniques, newer difficulties and challenges in other field, and will help him understand the finer nuances of handling both mechanics and electronics and merging them together to create newer products. I will be happy to work in the field in which I have never worked before. It will definitely help me in some way.

On the other hand, his friend was skeptical. To sum up, his thinking was: he is just joining another group. There would be nothing new to learn, everything that they work into is already done by somebody else, the concepts illustrated by somebody else, there would not be anything new. Even if I read books, I would know those things, so whats the big deal. I am not that interested in working there. Whats the point of inventing the wheel again?

Personally I agree with the first view of looking into things. How can you judge things without even knowing them? Few people have attitude and thinking that whatever happens to them is always wrong. They will always crib about whatever they have, and will always compare themselves with somebody else who is ideal, and then doubt their own self belief that I simply cant do this; I dont have enough knowledge, without even trying once. Or else will simply blame their own luck that it is never good.

Mother's Day

Though I have never said this before. Maybe I do not have the nerve to say it, or somewhere deep down I have a fear or ego or whatever. It's difficult to express in words, but still if you are reading this, Mom, Dad, I love you.

Grass is green.

He always considered himself unlucky for working here. He hated things and this system of bribing from the core of his heart. He considered whatever he used to do was pathetic; the compensation they used to give him for his work was pittance compared to his counterparts in states. He always dreamed of big things. In back of his mind he always tried to find out the price of commodity by converting its price from US Dollars to INR and comparing them.
One day he quit his company, took loan and sailed away for the luring states. He was very happy to be in the country of his dreams, the country he always liked, the country he thought has the fairest treatment. He was very proud of himself for being there, earning money. He had hit a goldmine. As the days passed, he realized that the money he has accumulated is not enough. The more he tried, the more he worried, the more it fell short of his target. The target always seemed distant. It was after two years he realized that it is pointless working here. He realized however bad his own country looked then, was in fact better than his present living condition. At least he never had to take appointment to meet his parents or friends. He never had to worry about anything alone; his friends were always there for support. More over he was never treated like a foreigner. Here, they never showed it but they never behaved like they would have behaved with their own countrymen. What has he got there, money sure enough, but he has lost his relatives, his friends, his mental peace, his tradition, his values, his time and his culture.


Why Mess(Large Dining hall) is called Mess?
Probably because it is messed up everywhere.

Thursday, May 5, 2005

Anything Special..

About today??
Noticed about today's date?
It is Thursday, 05/05/05. And even Thursday is the 5th day of the week.

I am amazed by some people. They always seem to have opinions about things which they haven't seen, they don't even know about, or they haven't even worked upon.

Monday, May 2, 2005


For the uninitiated, this discussion started in Infosys bulletin board withthe simple question, "who or what is the meaning of maithili?").
One thing is clear there is nothing that can beat the nonsense and fallacious arguments. The following conversation is taken from an e-mail forwarded by my friend who was working at infosys, just to prove how imaginative are the people (on bench??), and can drag any conversation anywhere.

From: himanshudas
Conversation: What is Maithili?
Subject: What is Maithili?
Who or what is Maithili, in context of Indian literature?

From: yogesh
Subject: re: what is maithili.
Maithili is a language spoken in central bihar. It has its own literature. It has its root in the old kingdom of that area. It is similar to Hindi.

From: Subhashis Roy
Subject: what is Maithili ?
Maithili brahmins are known for their gastronome qualities !!!

From: Pranav Chandra
Subject: Mithla & Maithili
Maithili is a language which derives it's name from the region in Bihar where it is spoken, the old kingdom of Mithla. There is a reference to the area even in Ramayana- Janak( Father of Sita) was king of Mithla and has been referred to as MithlaNaresh at many places in RamCharitraManas - therefore Sita was also called Maithili.

From: Vikas Sharma
Subject: Mithla & Maithili Recently one Congress leader, in defense of Sonia, quoted that Sita was also a foreigner because Janakpuri is in Nepal.

From: Sudha Vedula
Subject: Mithla & Maithili God Shiva is also a foreigner because Mt.Kailash is in China. Buddha was also a foreigner because Lumbini(?) is in Nepal. So was Guru Nanak, because Talwandi is in Pakistan. So was Porus. So was Gandhari.....:)

From: ashokkm
Subject: Mithla
And what about Home minister Advani & Noble Prize winner Economics Dr. Amartya Sen???

From: vishnoor
Subject: Mithla
Rama was an aryan ; Germans claim to be aryans so Rama was a German; Hail Rama....

From: khandelwalh
Subject: major fallacy...
The argument is wrong.
The conclusion is fallacious

From: vishnoor
Subject: major fallacy...
After defeating ravana .... Sri Rama flew back in Ravana's pushpak vimana & This is what the Mordern Lufthansa is . It is the modern version of the older pushpaka vimana. The pushpak vimana was "driven" by hansa or swans.... The insignia of Lufthansa is also a swan... This further proves Sri Rama was a German Hail Rama .....

From: Aniljoshi
Subject: MAJOR FALLACY- Aryans/Germans
No, on the contrary it proves that Ravan was a German since it was he who owned the Pushpak Viman. The passengers could belong to any country.

From: raghavendrak
Subject: MAJOR FALLACY- Aryans/Germans
Say this to the DMK and they're gonna kick u!! according to them ravan was a dravidian and was attacked by ram as ram was an aryan. So if ram was a german, and assuming he was a 'hitlerite 'aryan, then ravan must have been a jew!!!

From: amajumder
Subject: MAJOR FALLACY- Aryans/Germans
Might be Russians too.. that explains why MK's son is called STALIN.

From: Aniljoshi
Subject: MAJOR FALLACY- Aryans/Germans So, at present we are at a point where MK's son is a Russian, implying MK is a Russian. MK is a ardent follower of Ravan who is a German Jew. Looks like the german govt running Karnataka(see our previous discussions for a proof of it) is conniving with the Russian govt at Tamilnadu (who support German) to fight the Italian Govts reps at 10 Janpath road. Some heavy international politics we have going on here. Wat's d'ya say man!!

From: ashokkm
Subject: Major fallacy/Aryans & Germans
According to maxmuller, Aryans came from Middle East. According to Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Antarctica was the home place of Aryans. And Swami Dayanand Saraswati says Aryans were originally from India b'coz the place "saptsandhav" that is described many times in their book is nothing but Doab region between Ganga & Jamuna. And One theory according Bhagwandas is that Aryans were originally from India then they went to middle east and after some time they returned back to India. So there are different theories about the origin of Aryans but recent belief is that only India was their native-land.

From: Yeshwant Dattatreya
Subject: MAJOR FALLACY- Aryans/Germans

From: Aniljoshi
Subject: Major fallacy/Aryans & Germans
Let the 'intellectuals' decide... you will know who you are soon enough.

From: Dinni Lingaraj
Subject: MAJOR FALLACY- Aryans/ Germans
It just occured that a better subject would have been "CRICKET" but his one stopped ...."Are our cricketers Aryans/Germans ?" So we got to solve this one !

From: Aniljoshi
Subject: MAJOR FALLACY- Aryans/Germans
Germans don't play cricket. So cricketers can't be germans. QED

From: Kedardesai
Subject: Proof:German's ,Jews, Aryans are Indians;
Indians invented the decimal system. Ravan(Jew) had ten heads, Ram's father(aryan + German)had ten chariots (Dash-rath) etc.Thus , the base is 10. There fore they are all Indians

From: raghavendrak
Subject: German's ,Jews, Aryans are Indians Then even monkeys are aryans!!!!!!(I think they too have 10 fingers). That's what ramayan says. So all vanars were also aryans!!!

From: Aniljoshi
Subject: German's ,Jews, Aryans are Indians
How logical!! Now I could easily prove that even Africans are Aryans. They have 10 fingers- so they are aryans. They have 10 toes on their feet - so they are aryans. Thanks for proving that all are aryans.

From: ashokkm
Subject: Aryans- H aryana
No, Only the native of Haryana are are aryans b'coz U just remove the 'H' in Haryana so it becomes aryana. Agreed or not????

From: raghavendrak
Subject: Aryans- H aryana Let me get it clear. Are u suggesting that all people in haryana are monkeys?????

From: AnandV
Subject: teachers and dravidian
B'cas only teachers (arya's) are aryans. So all software engr's are dravidians.

Subject: teachers and dravidian
Your theory only proves that Software engineers are not aryans. Therefore they can be any thing other than aryans and not only dravidians.

From: AnandV
Subject: monkeys and dravidians
My theory is first step to identify software engrs. I'm more interested in showing that software engrs are not monkeys (bcas they are not aryans) which my house owner believes!!!

From: Aniljoshi
Subject: German's ,Jews, Aryans
We sit before the monitor staring into the pixels, making faces the whole day like monkeys. And you claim that you are not in this monkey business? Beats me!!

Friday, April 29, 2005

- System?
Its been long time I had been thinking of writing about this incident that happened during the train journey. I was coming back from my hometown to Chennai. I was traveling in G.T. Exp. Mostly you find well educated and well mannered rich class people in AC compartment of train. The fellow sitting next to me looked a little odd man out from the rest of the people in the compartment; a high class lady fancying herself as an actress, her small daughter, a businessman who was owner of some company, a software engineer who was busy playing FreeCell on his laptop, and off course me trying to read some novel.

I had nothing to do for the next 24 hours in the train journey. I was trying to read a book but gave up soon and started observing others and trying to predict their next moves. Coming back to the fellow sitting next to me again, he looked kind of weird. His dressing was okay, but somewhere I thought he doesnt fit properly with the others present in the compartment. Though we try to judge people by merely looking at them, but my common sense told me to wait little while until that fellow opens his mouth. Since past few years I have been trying to judge people, I have known one thing; If you carefully observe the way othersspeak, I mean the things about which, the manner in which etc, you get a fair idea about that persons identity, nature, sportiveness, sense of humor and little about his intelligence and education.

Anyway, One hour passed and another fellow, with sweets in hand, came looking around for somebody. As soon as he saw fellow sitting next to me, he made a big pranam, ignoring others off-course, and said Namaskar Sirji have some sweets please, desi ghee mein banaye hain aaj subah hi ghar mein. came near, pushed others on the side sat next to him and gave him sweets. The poor fellow sitting on the edge almost fell down. This new guy was praising fellow next to me so much; I thought is he a politician, famous person or what?Finally the new guy left us after an hour and I heaved a sigh of relief. But as soon as he left, another guy comes in and the same thing happens again. As soon as he leaves, the first person comes back and when he leaves back the second comes in.

After a while the poor chap, who was sitting at the edge of berth, got up and searched another place. I had window seat so I could ignore all this and look solace outside. The businessman was irritated;he tried to stop it once or twice but failed miserably. The engineer made the mistake of asking who this great guy sitting next to me was and this fellow laughed. Laughed like a mad. The engineer was embarrassed and must be thinking about themistake he made. And this guy He he he he. I am a sr. officer in some govt. office (as if he was a big-shot). These fellows are my junior. I decide their performance. I decide their promotion. They are trying to please me, and they should. I would have liked to be served with dry-fruits, and gajar ka halwa. I just wished I should go to Tirupati once, and these guys booked a ticket for me, planned my journey, hotel stay, everything about lunch and dinner and traveling around nearby places.

NO wonder the government sector has gone bad. When you have job security, you can always run away from work without bothering about you being fired. And there are ample examples to illustrating these behaviors. Try RTO, obtaining PAN card, or voters ID card, they will make sure that you run around places many times. They are not bothered about others but only about themselves. I just hate such people who shy away from their responsibility. Such people crib about almost every thing, born critics; but will never look back, and say I should have done this or that or this might help others. They will live their complete life pretending to be someone else, always comparing others with whatever they get, always think whatever happens to them is foul.

Babber Sher

Tum Dil mango, Dil de denge.
Tum Dil mango, Dil de denge.
(With increasing volume and energy)
Tum Dil mango, Dil de denge.
Tum Jaan mango, Jaan de denge.
Tum Dhadkan mango, Dhadkan de denke.
(Brief pause)
Ghar pe VCDs jo rakhi hain.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Five Point Someone

The book "Five Point Someone" is a good read. Though I am not sure whether it is a true story or not! The book is about three guys Hari, Ryan and Alok. They meet for the first time in the Hostel of IITD while ragging and how they went on to become best friends, their Hostel life, their adventures at IIT and their philosophy of life and about their visions. Alok is shy and fat but ready to make his point clear; Ryan is fearless and smart while Hari wants to keep everybody happy, not wanting to take anybody's side.

I found it little funny; Through the book author keeps telling us that he was just an average student a mere Five-Pointer, but in his autobiography he promptly writes that he passed out from the IIMA in next two years after IITD.

Off course I know it may not be the real story, for it is too dramatic at some points. Though one thing is true, as the book ends, author writes, "My soul lies somewhere in those walls of Kumayuon, the campus of IITD and at Sasi's". Sometimes, even I remember of those days when I used to be at hostels, bunking classes, gulping down cups of that brown liquid which they used to call tea with onion pakodas at the boat-club, and playing computer games on the network, screening movie on hostel walls with college projector, and almost everybody in the hostel sitting together through out the night to complete the endless journal assignments.

Friday, April 22, 2005

The recent train accident is another tragedy. And instead of noticing about the seriousness of the incident, it has become a political issue. The railway ministry attributed OFF-Signal as the reason for the accident. When you give a reason like the railway signal was not working and that too on a busy major track, who will not get angry? Some people attacked railway minister and RJD now needs Modi's resignation for not providing enough security. In not even a day everybody forgot about the rail-accident.

Literate or Educated?

Though we use educated and literate interchangeably, they are very different terms. I feel literate people are not necessarily educated always. While literate is only a person who can read and write, educated on the other-hand is a person who can be able to judge by his experience, is more civilized, enlightened, and well mannered and has common sense.
Just as an example, out of software engineers I have seen, few dont even know how to speak to others. Few when they take food dont even care to see if their plate is touching others or their food is spilling over their plate. Few dont even bother to drop tissue papers they use in dustbins, and few dont even have courtesy to say sorry when they accidentally spill their coffee on others and just stand there dumbstruck.
Off course they are well-literate, but I would call they are still un-educated.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Petals around A Rose.

This interesting puzzle Petals around A Rose is very simple yet sometimes difficult to someone. All you need to do is count the number of petals around the rose. It has only two basic rules to play:
#1 The name of the game tells you what the rule is.
#2 No one is EVER told what the rule is. Everyone must discover the rule for themselves.

PS: You are reminded of direction (2) so others may also win. In this game each person plays against himself/herself, not against other players.

Worth giving a try, common I know you all can solve it.
Here's the link:

Happy Meals

Yesterday, few small kids playing outside my house had following conversation.
1st: I had been to McDonalds, and I had happy meals.
2nd: What do they serve in happy meal.
1st: A pepsi, fries, some toy, and burglar.
2nd: Burglar???
1st: Yes Burglar.

Friday, April 15, 2005

PJ for the day.

If "Lara Dutta" marries "Brian Lara", Her new name will be "Lara Lara" or "Lara2".

Thursday, April 14, 2005

It is now more than six months, when Gaurav used to stay with us. Three months later when he left for Mumbai, he forgot few t-shirts at our house itself. The funny thing is our maid makes sure that she washes those t-shirts, even though no body uses them, regularly once every week.

Monday, April 11, 2005

The day started on a happier note. It had little more importance than other day because it was Sunday when you can take little more sleep in the morning without any botheration. It was a perfect summer morning with sun promising another hot day ahead. We went to "The Forum" shopping mall, which is just another couple of kilometers ahead. A rickshaw would cost less than 20 bucks, to be precise 17.50Rs.

After shopping, when we came back to take rickshaw back home, the climate had suddenly changed, the clear blue sky was replaced by thick black clouds, the warmer breeze was replaced by much colder wind, and it had started raining heavily.

As they say it is difficult to predict about whether, so is true about the fares of rickshaws in Bangalore. Their fares depend heavily on the climatic conditions; Once they know that you simply do not have any other alternative to reach home, they hike there prices to a usurious rate. One quoted 100Rs to take us back with a sinister smile. There was huge rush out-side "The Forum", waiting for rickshaw, and these guys were stuck at exorbitant rates. In 100Rs at 8.00 p.m. you can reach the other end of city.

One and half hour later in the rain, when we found one rickshaw who agreed to take us at one-and-half times the meter fare, we happily agreed. I, probably, for the first time didn't mind paying extra, given the condition of helplessness we were in.


Just other day, I bumped into one of my friend. After exchanging initial hellos, and routine questions, he suddenly asked me "Are you compski". For a minute or two, I did not realize what he was asking about. I had heard about ice-skiing, water-ski, but never about comp-ski. I asked him again, he laughed and repeated, "Are you Comp Science Grad"?

The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.
- Robert Frost

The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it.
- Franklin P. Jones

Friday, April 8, 2005

Gudi Padwa

To fellow readers,
Wish you all, good luck for the Hindu new year, which starts tommorrow.

April fools prank

Speaking about our item boy, the following incidence is quite hilarious. On April the 1st, I had devised a way to fool few of my friends. I sent out mail to all these people stating that "Our good friend for long, Asif is resigning from the company today in order to pursue his academic career. Please join me in wishing him good luck for the future". The mistake I did was, I CC'ed it to our item boy, Sridhar. When he checked his mailbox, he did a prompt reply-all "Good Try, Piyush is trying to fool us, I think Asif will still be around (in office & home) to haunt us for a few more months (if not few more years)".

Phew!!!! all the effort to fool others blew up in smoke within an hour itself, courtesy our own room-mate who was incidentally also involved in making this plan and forgot about it.


Speaking of cricket again; this time it is Hamish Marshall of New Zealand. In recent test match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka, Hamish Marshall asked him [Steve Bucknor] that the play be stopped because there isn't enough light. Steve ruled negative and Hamish Marshall got out on the next ball itself. The other umpire, officiating in same match, immediately offered light to the players in the next over itself. How can light fade so suddenly in the time span of just six balls.

Earlier, in just concluded test series between India and Pakistan, during the second test in Kolkota, he ruled negative when Sachin asked him that there's no enough light and cant see the ball clearly. And almost immediately Sachin got out to a dubious decision. And just after two overs play was stopped because of bad light.

Guess Steve Bucknor should himself step down from the umpiring now. Of lately his decision making capacity has been consistently in the question.

Language Problems

Being in a state, where common language spoken is alien to me, sometimes I get a feeling that others are talking about me and are making a fool of myself. About few things you can make out from the gestures which they unknowingly do, and about few you can make from the voice level they are using. The problem here is that sometimes they use high pitched voice even for common terms. Making out whether they are shouting or just talking is little tougher and sometimes only their gestures give away.

Recently, I noticed two people talking little loudly and laughing uncontrollably. Unknowingly they were pointing towards me, and looking in my direction quite a few times. When it became unbearable, I went to them and asked that what they are doing, and talking about me. They coolly replied, Sir, we are not talking about you; we are talking about that funny fat lady who was actually behind me, wearing bright fluorescent dress and was having a tough time with shopkeeper; and the sight was indeed funny.The overall sight itself was funny, and in spite of not knowing anything about the language I laughed out.

Thursday, April 7, 2005

PJ's for the day.

There are 2 hairs on a bald man's head. They fall in love with each other and want to get married but cannot get married due to some difficulty... Whats the difficulty ? .
Under the Indian Laws "BAL VIVAH" is illegal.....!!!!!!


What is PJ?
Okay it is Poor Joke.

What is "p + iJ"?
Confused, it is so simple. A complex joke.

Now after all these explanations, understood the joke?
The joke part was imaginary (iJ).


An elephant was in love. He was very happy. There love blossomed, but one day he realized that his girl-friend has ditched him, and married to some other elephant. So our elephant was very depressed. His friendfelt sorry for him, and took him out to a movie, then park to cheer him up. In the park they sat on see-saw. But the see-saw broke. Now, which song our hero would sing.
See-saw ho ya dil ho, aakhir toot jaata hai!!!!!!!!!


What is the height of technology??

Ankhiyon se goli maare.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Where Dhoni flourished, Saurav failed again :(. I believe, by the time he reaches his 10,000th run milestone, which is roughly 60 runs away, he will be back in good form again. Maybe he has become conscious about his batting, just like Sachin who is still chasing his 35th hundred.
The commentary on DD is so pathetic sometimes, just they say anything whatever comes to their mind to fill up the time.
- Forget about the number of Fours he (Sehwag) has hit. Forget about sixs he has hit. Forget about the runs he has scored. Just look at his strike rate. Amazing! Nearly 200! 74 runs blasted of just 38 deliveries.When I heard this commentary during the recent ODI between India and Pakistan, I was laughing for quite some time. How can be the strike rate so high without hitting any fours or sixs?
- That ball is wide of the off stump and yes as I expected umpire has wided it. Wided???
- His (Sehwag) bat is almost breaking, because he has made it to hammer ball all over the park. I cant imagine the beating ball would have got. Anybody interested in calculating what will be the impact of bat hitting the ball which wastraveling at 140kmph, over 22 yards, and it is hit for a six.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

As usual, correctly at 8.00 p.m. he returned back home on his shining bajaj-pulser; humming to the tune of some recent Hindi film. The passage which leads to the main entrance of house was as usual dark. He opened the door, entered into the house and turned back to close the door. Nothing funny here right, everybody does the same thing. He was just about to close the door; and thats when he saw a face, with piercing eyeshanging in the dark corridor. Initially he thought it was his imagination, he rubbed his eyes, closed and opened back his eyes again but still that face with those two piercing eyes looking straight at him was there. For the brief moment he missed his heart-beat, his hairs straightened up, and his body shivered, his mind had stopped working and fear had taken its control, in very short period of time his heartbeats had raced to record level, in short he was simply stunned and shaken. Finally with all his courage, he switched ON the lights, and saw a small girl sitting calmly on the rack kept in the corner of the dark passage, swinging to some tune in her own world. He asked her what she is doing and what she wants. Still in her own world, she looked up, and calmly asked Can I stay here in this passage for the night? He simply closed the door, and in the morning she was gone, and never been seen again.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Though common sense is not very common, it is still called common sense.

Mera Guarantee.

Though this incident is true, its a bit exaggerated. We had been to St. Marys island this week-end, near Mangalore. We all felt quite thirsty so we decided to have slice. There was only one guy, with couple of bottles, selling cold-drinks on the island. We ordered slice, and asked if it was cold, as there was no chiller in the vicinity. He said, yes, mera guarantee hain. There were very few bottles in his shop, so we asked whether he has any more. He said, Yes, I will get them for you, mera guarantee hain. After we had slice, we gave him 500 rupee note. He asked, Is this note valid? I said yes, mera guarantee hain.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Few Sketches

While past 10 days I was at home, I sketched few portraits using pencils. Here's a link to the album my_drawings

If the link doesn't work just browse to "" and then navigate to the album My Drawings.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Shaheed Bhagat Singh
Today is the day three brave men gave their lives for their country.They were no ordinary men; they who fought the British till their last breath. One of these, who's a bit more famous than the other two, went on a fast for 52 days at a stretch!!! They were mercilessly killed on this day by the British. Lets take a moment and remember Shahid Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru.

For more info visit

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

His morning blues

The day started normally without any hitches. The door bell rang, he opened the door, took the newspaper. It was quite cold and damp outside. Headline was screaming about how good the finance budget is this time. A chuckle revealed that he was pleased with the budget. Though his opinions differed on some points, but then the other relaxations in tax kind of compensated for those.He look at the watch, there was plenty of time still left before the 9.00 am scheduled meeting would start. He prepared a cup of coffee for himself; switched on the geyser; put on light music and again went back to the newspaper.
He glanced at the watch while turning a page. 30 minutes still to go before he can leave for office. He again got engrossed in the paper. Ten minutes later, he was brushing his teeths. One of his roommate got up by the time, and seeing the wash-basin pre-occupied his room-mate straight away dived in the bathroom. Before he could say anything, his roommate was enjoying a nice shower in the already hot water. And when his room-mate came out of the bathroom, there was no time left before 9 am. He cursed himself for wasting time on the newspaper, coffee, maid, his luck, and his roommate. After all he had been late for meeting on the third time in row.


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