Wednesday, December 22, 2004


We, the people.

I liked the movie. Not because, it's about Indian culture, values and scruples it has; but because Ashutosh Gowarikar has made it quite simple and without any prejudice. Neither he has blasted america, or its culture, nor he has praised us. He has tried to show that it is we who keep fighting amongst us all the time, keep blaming others for our problems and keep bragging about our culture and values without doing anything.

The story starts with Mohan Bhargava [SRK], a project manager in NASA. He comes to india in search of his nanny, and finally after looking at the poverty, illiteracy, lack of electricity, child labour, child marriage, caste-system, mental backwardness and all, tries to do something worthwhile for india.

The Movie would have got a very good effect, had they reduced its length. It has become more of an documentary rather than movie.

After a long time, perhaps Shahrukh Khan has shown that he can also act in a mature role with perfection. He is, perhaps after a long time, IS the actor he portrays in the movie. Gayatri Joshi is stunning in her simple yet graceful role. Overall I suggest that the movie is good, but don't expect Lagaan.

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