Monday, December 13, 2004

Nothing to do...

Its quite a long time some eventful incident happened. And after many days I guess, I had the weekend completely free, without any trace of work (neither official nor personal). I was completely on my will. I wanted to watch TV, I watched;I wanted to listen to music system, I listened; I wanted to read, I read; I wanted to sleep, I slept; I wanted to roam around, I roamed; and when I wanted to eat, I ate.

Its very different and amazing when you dont have anything to worry about, don't have to think about whats ahead and just accepting every moment as it comes. Initially on Friday, I thought after some time may be I will get bored of being inside the house and doing absolutely nothing for the complete weekend; but even for a single moment I wasnt. On the other hand, its so amazingly refreshing to detach your mind for sometime from all your other activities. So calm, so pleasant, so quiet, so creative, so gratifying and enjoyable. Maybe I should look for solitude at least for sometime in a week.

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