Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Arrival of new roommate relieved us from the burden of the house-rent levied by our owner. Though the new roomie is nice chap, intelligent, he is little scatty. You might consider following incident as imaginary, but believe me it is real.

My roomie walks into a handloom store to buy curtains for his room windows. The shop-keeper showed him wide varieties of cloths, and finally he short-listed one. It was and is really a fine cloth. My roomie ordered to stitch three curtains.

Bewildered by this question How long do you want the curtain to be? my roomie opens up and stretches his arms and replies itnaa (just like you stretch your arms and show it to your loved one, when replying to his/her question How much do you love me? and say Itnaa or this much).

Looking at this un-expected gesture, the shop-keeper was baffled; but still politely he asked itnaa mane kitna sir?(Itnaa means how many feets sir?).

I was laughing all the way.

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