Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Arrival of new roommate relieved us from the burden of the house-rent levied by our owner. Though the new roomie is nice chap, intelligent, he is little scatty. You might consider following incident as imaginary, but believe me it is real.

My roomie walks into a handloom store to buy curtains for his room windows. The shop-keeper showed him wide varieties of cloths, and finally he short-listed one. It was and is really a fine cloth. My roomie ordered to stitch three curtains.

Bewildered by this question How long do you want the curtain to be? my roomie opens up and stretches his arms and replies itnaa (just like you stretch your arms and show it to your loved one, when replying to his/her question How much do you love me? and say Itnaa or this much).

Looking at this un-expected gesture, the shop-keeper was baffled; but still politely he asked itnaa mane kitna sir?(Itnaa means how many feets sir?).

I was laughing all the way.

Why people get angry?
Just an observation. When somebody tells you that you can not do this and even if you know that it is true, most of the time you end up loosing your temper. You loose your temper because somebody else is telling you what you can not do, because somebody else is pointing out that you do not have enough capacity, capability, because you are jealous internally, and because it hurts your ego.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Royal Butterscotch

If you happen to be in bangalore, Check out this new arrival "Royal butterscotch" at the corner house ice-creams. As the name suggests; its a butterscotch ice-cream; with a rich layer of cream, butterscotch souce and topped with the baked Almonds.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


We, the people.

I liked the movie. Not because, it's about Indian culture, values and scruples it has; but because Ashutosh Gowarikar has made it quite simple and without any prejudice. Neither he has blasted america, or its culture, nor he has praised us. He has tried to show that it is we who keep fighting amongst us all the time, keep blaming others for our problems and keep bragging about our culture and values without doing anything.

The story starts with Mohan Bhargava [SRK], a project manager in NASA. He comes to india in search of his nanny, and finally after looking at the poverty, illiteracy, lack of electricity, child labour, child marriage, caste-system, mental backwardness and all, tries to do something worthwhile for india.

The Movie would have got a very good effect, had they reduced its length. It has become more of an documentary rather than movie.

After a long time, perhaps Shahrukh Khan has shown that he can also act in a mature role with perfection. He is, perhaps after a long time, IS the actor he portrays in the movie. Gayatri Joshi is stunning in her simple yet graceful role. Overall I suggest that the movie is good, but don't expect Lagaan.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Nothing to do...

Its quite a long time some eventful incident happened. And after many days I guess, I had the weekend completely free, without any trace of work (neither official nor personal). I was completely on my will. I wanted to watch TV, I watched;I wanted to listen to music system, I listened; I wanted to read, I read; I wanted to sleep, I slept; I wanted to roam around, I roamed; and when I wanted to eat, I ate.

Its very different and amazing when you dont have anything to worry about, don't have to think about whats ahead and just accepting every moment as it comes. Initially on Friday, I thought after some time may be I will get bored of being inside the house and doing absolutely nothing for the complete weekend; but even for a single moment I wasnt. On the other hand, its so amazingly refreshing to detach your mind for sometime from all your other activities. So calm, so pleasant, so quiet, so creative, so gratifying and enjoyable. Maybe I should look for solitude at least for sometime in a week.

Dhaka Dhamaka

The win was expected, but shattering of so many records in a single match wasn't.

Another win to ganguly's cap, Sachin's 34th century (248*) and highest ever score in an away test match, Anil's 438 wickets (highest ever by an Indian), Zaheers 75 for best ever score by an 11th Batsman, Irfan's 10 wicket haul at the youngest ever age, and India's highest winning margin.

Looking at the bowling attack, I still think Sachin should have gone for triple century.

Friday, December 3, 2004

Helmet honesty..!

The kind of honesty when it comes to helmets on bikes really amuses me. An acquaintance once told me that he has the habit of leaving his helmet on his bike unlocked and it has been safe always. And he told me that in past year he has not had his helmet stolen even once.

That piqued my interest and I decided to try it out myself. No matter where I park my bike, movie theatres, office, temples, shops... I conciously make it a point to place it on the bike's handle-bar. Mind you, my helmet is relatively new (Just a year or so old). I've been doing this for over a month now and should agree with my friend. It's been totally safe. Now, touchwood.


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